116th congress updates: house approves plan to reopen government, but it’s not likely to pass senate - house name plate

by:ShunDing     2019-10-20
116th congress updates: house approves plan to reopen government, but it’s not likely to pass senate  -  house name plate
The 116 session of the house, controlled by Democrats, has begun to operate.
The House passed legislation to reopen the government.
California Democratic Representative Nancy Pelosi was elected speaker.
The House has begun changing the rules to reflect new Democratic priorities.
On Thursday night, the House passed two bills by a new Democratic majority to reopen the government --
Through a major spending bill that Sept funds most closed departments and institutions. 30 and a stop-
Restore the gap in homeland security for a few weeks-
No money for the border wall.
These measures may not make any progress at the moment, but they will put pressure on Republicans to come to the table.
Colorado Senator Corey Gardner and Maine Senator Susan Collins, two endangered Republicans
In the 2020 election, they expressed their desire to vote.
But the White House officially informed the President of Congress of his intention to veto the legislation, and Majority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell said he would not let them vote without Obama.
Trump's support
Both bills are stamped by both parties.
Measures to fund most governments are made up of six spending bills passed by the Senate appropriations committee with broad support.
241-easy access
Seven Republicans voted in favor of 190.
Through the expediency of 239-
192 a small number of Republicans crossed the party line, similar to the bill passed by the Senate on December without objection. —
Emily Ranthe House approved the first part of the package of rule changes Thursday night, aiming to improve the order of the House, simplify the introduction of bipartisan legislation, and acknowledge the increasing diversity between lawmakers.
The other two parts are expected to be considered on Friday and next week.
The most liberal members of the House, in particular the delegates of the California's Luo Qana and Alexander okasio, opposed the measure
Cortes in New York opposes the so-called pay-as-you-
Go provision, which requires all new spending to be offset by equal cuts or tax increases.
Tim Ryan, Ohio Democrat and prominent critic
Pelosi believes Republicans are not subject to fiscal discipline, so Democrats should not impose restrictions on their ambitions. In the end, Mr. Ryan voted yes.
"I just don't think it's time for us to tie our hands behind our backs ,"
Ryan said in an interview on Wednesday.
"After seeing the Republicans erode the amount of basic investment we need to make, it's a big problem for me.
"But other provisions, including a rule that forces House members to take financial responsibility for discrimination solutions and sexual harassment solutions, make it difficult to vote against them.
With the passage of the annual budget, changes in the rules will also make it easier to raise the government's statutory borrowing limit, thus automatically raising the debt ceiling.
The package includes the priorities of Democratic lawmakers and members of the caucus who helped Hillary's bipartisan problem solve.
Pelosi won the vote of the speaker.
Lawmakers have 72 hours to read any bill before voting.
It has also set up a special committee on climate change, a priority for several newly elected delegates.
The programme has also changed the house's traditional rules of etiquette, allowing religious headwear, a recognition of irhan Omar, the newly elected Democratic representative of Minnesota with a headscarf. —
Emily raneriight is scheduled to attend 116 Congress in the house, and Democrats are now in control.
There is no famous brand on the door of the deluxe speaker's suite of Congress, but Ms.
Pelosi strode out of the speaker's office and took the grandchildren to the chamber.
Lawmakers and their children waved from the well of the house to their families sitting in the gallery above.
The news zone is packed with people standing. room-
Only when journalists and tourists are packed in corridors waiting for their turn --
Body Safety Scanner and take a seat on the balcony overlooking the floor.
Tony Bennett sang "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" at a dinner honoring her.
On Wednesday night, Pelosi at the Italian embassy and former drummer Mitch Hart at the death of gratitude were found at the visitor gallery.
Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, New York's representative of Hakim Jeffries
Pelosi will become the speaker, which has drawn a standing ovation from most Democrats in the House and from many viewers in the gallery.
While some Republicans applauded, few stood in front of him when he introduced Hillary with enthusiasm. Pelosi.
"House Democrats against N. D. P. ,” Mr.
Jeffries said in MS.
The initials of Pelosi's name
The chairman of the House Republican meeting, Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney, was applauded by colleagues when he nominated Rep. Kevin McCarthy as speaker. Ms.
Cheney mentioned
McCarthy's efforts to ensure border securitywall funding —
"Yes, Madam Clerk, building a wall "-
This is a recognition of the government's continued closure, as the government has called for funding for the wall on the southwest border to be deadlocked.
When the Republicans came forward, no Democrats acknowledged the words. [
Who won when the House and Senate were controlled by different parties? ]Just before 1 penny. m.
The House is rolling.
Call together to vote for a new speaker, and each member calls out the names of the candidates he or she likes.
Most Democrats are voting for Hillary Clinton.
Pelosi, and most Republicans voted for it.
McCarthy, but there are defectors on both sides.
A few new Democrats voted for others.
Former Vice President Joseph R. Anthony Brindisi West voted on behalf
Biden, when Jason Crowe voted for Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth and Joe Cunningham in South Carolina, he jumped around as he spoke
On behalf of Jim Cooper is a man who has long belittled her.
Pelosi voted "to attend ".
Utah's representative Ben McAdams voted for Stephanie Murphy, Florida's representative.
Pennsylvania representative Connor Lamb voted for Joseph P. Kennedy III.
Catherine Rice, New York's representative, is the main counter.
The Pelosi rebels voted to give Georgia's defeated Democratic candidate for governor, Stacey Abrams.
Three new students with a national security background, Mikie Sherrill of New Jersey, Elissa Slotkin of Michigan and Abigail Spanberger of Virginia also voted against it.
Jeff Van Drew, a representative from New Jersey, simply voted.
Republicans have their own defectors.
The representative of Justin Amash voted to elect the representative of Tom Masi of Kentucky.
Technically, it is forbidden to take pictures and video on the floor of the house room.
However, this did not prevent some members from recording a historic vote.
Minnesota Democratic Representative irhan Omar posted a video of her vote on Twitter.
You can see Veronica Escoba, a Texas Democrat, taking selfies with her.
Pelosi and some other women on the Democratic side of the house. Ms.
Pelosi suffered more than a dozen defections, mainly from new students who promised to oppose her as Speaker and win the Republican constituency.
New students who did not vote for MS
Pelosi: Anthony Brindisi West, New York, Jason Crowe, Colorado, Joe Cunningham, South Carolina, Ben McAdams, Utah, elsa slottkin, Max Michigan, New York, Abigail sbanberg, Virginia, Jeff Van Drew, New Jersey, and Jared King, Maine.
Defector: Lamb Conor of Pennsylvania, his first full term.
Opponents with more experience in the House: Jim Cooper in Tennessee, Ron in Wisconsin, Kurt Schrad in Oregon, and Catherine Rice in New York.
Final statistics:Pelosi —220; Mr. McCarthy —192;
Ohio Republican Representative Jim Jordan
5. Democratic representative of Illinois, Cheri Bustos4;
Democratic Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois2;
West Georgia Abrams1; Joseph R. Biden Jr. —1;
Democratic representative of Ohio, Marcia Fudge1;
Representative Joseph p.
Kennedy III, Massachusetts Democrat1;
Democratic representative of Georgia John Lewis1;
Republican Congressman Thomas Marcy of Kentucky1;
Florida Democratic Representative Stephanie Murphy1; Present —3.
The Republicans and their good.
Funding political weapons have been against Hillary Clinton for years.
Pelosi as an out-of-
Touch, a liberal elite in San Francisco, linked the Democratic candidate to her.
At 2018 it did not work.
But with her second election as speaker, the biggest Republican super PAC-
Arguably the hardest person to connect Democratic candidates to Hillary Clinton. Pelosi —
It's actually a celebration.
The Congressional Leadership Fund brought to the attention of Democrats: "In the past two years, Democratic candidates have promised voters that they will make a difference --
They will not support the same old leadership and the same old way of doing business in Washington.
For the first time, however, they had the opportunity to break their promise and break the connection with the voters who elected them.
CLF will ensure that voters know that their members of Congress have broken their promises, all of which are for supportof-
Contact the liberal in San Francisco, who is eager to remain in power.
The National Republican Congressional Committee sent a text message to voters in 15 regions, from Republicans to Democrats, announcing that new Democratic lawmakers voted for Hillary Clinton.
Pelosi is saying he or she won't.
"Fight back now!
Republicans seem determined to keep Hillary Clinton.
Pelosi's speech
Democratic House-
Only two years.
On the other side of the Capitol, as Vice President Mike Pence took the oath of office to more than 30 new senators, the scene became more calm, who raised his right hand, one by one, I signed my name in the public record.
"Do you solemnly swear to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies at home and abroad;
You will have true faith and loyalty to it;
You are free to assume this obligation without any spiritual reservation or evasion of purpose;
You will perform well and faithfully the duties of the office you are about to enter, so God help you? ” Mr.
Pence asked every senator.
Newly elected and re-elected
Elected Senator Young
Josh Hawley, the youngest Missouri Republican, is 39 years old. and old —
Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat from California, is 85 years old.
Several are former members of the house.
A Republican in Utah, Mitt Romney, was nominated for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012.
Trump is angry at his independence performance.
In general, in the Senate, the new class gives Republicans a slightly longer-lasting majority, 53-47. —
Nicholas Fadden before he was elected Speaker
Pelosi opened a historic day with a left hook on Thursday morning, suggesting that the current president could be prosecuted.
She made these comments in an interview with NBC's "Today" program, at that time, the moderator, Savannah grisley, when asked if she agreed that special counsel should comply with the Department of Justice's guidelines on prosecution of the current president, he is investigating whether President Trump's campaign colluded with Russians trying to get him to the White House. [
Holding a mallet in her hand, she will consolidate her position as supreme leader
The most powerful elected woman in American political history.
Read our Ms. Pelosi. ]
"I don't think this is conclusive," she said . ". “No, I do not.
I think this is an open discussion.
I think this is an open discussion as far as the law is concerned.
She warned her left that the House would not act quickly to impeach Obama.
But she did not remove the impeachment from the table.
"We have to wait and see what happens to the Miller report," she said . ".
"We should not impeach for political reasons, nor should we avoid impeach for political reasons.
So we need to see how it came from. ”—
Mr. Maggie harberman.
Trump claimed on Thursday that the government was closed and now it has been 13 days and 800,000 federal workers have been fired or worked without pay, "simply because of the 2020 presidential election.
The House will vote tonight on two bills to reopen the government, one to finance the Department of Homeland Security into February --
But there is no money to build a border wall. Trump demands —
The other is to fund other closed departments and agencies through Sept. 30.
But as the house moves
Trump continues to blame the game. —
Emily colander.
The day is when lawmakers make statements about themselves.
Ms. rahida Tlaib, a Democrat in Michigan
Omar and Deb Haaland, Democrats in New Mexico, did so in their costumes. Ms.
Tlaib, Palestinian
One of the United States and two former Muslim women elected to CongressThe other is Lady. Omar)
In her mother's clothes.
Traditional Palestinian clothing
On the floor of the House
Her decision drew attention on Twitter and tagged it, encouraging Palestinian women across the country to post photos of themselves wearing thobes. Ms.
Omar, a Somali refugee with a headscarf or hood, became the first person to wear a headscarf or hood on the floor of the house.
She's working with the Democratic leadership for 181-
Old rules to ban any type of hat-
The move drew criticism from an evangelical pastor who complained that she would make the house "look like an Islamic Republic ".
The umbrella group Orthodox alliance representing Orthodox Jews supported the operation. Ms.
Haaland is one of the first Native American women to join the House in a traditional Pueblo costume
Including silver and turquoise jewelry and leather shoes. —
Ms. Cheryl guy Stolberg showed her trademark confidence
Pelosi has released excerpts from the speech she plans to deliver when she wins the speaker's mallet --
Assuming she will win an election against Republican leader Kevin McCarthy, California's representative. (
The Democratic Party has 235 members and the Republican Party has 199. )
In the upcoming freshman class, this class is historically female and very diverse: "When our new members are sworn in, our Congress will be refreshed, our democracy will be optimistic about the idealism and patriotism of this new class.
We will work together to deliver on the promise of the American dream for every family and advance progress for every community.
"As the rich become richer and others struggle to sustain, the income gap is growing:" We must put an end to this injustice and restore public confidence in a better future for ourselves and our children.
We have to be champions of the middle class, and all those who aspire to be middle-class --
Because the middle class is the backbone of democracy.
"With regard to climate change, this is an issue that she was not able to legislate in her last speech --
"We must also face the existential threat of our time: the climate crisis --
The crisis manifested by a great natural disaster.
Congress as a whole must try to end inaction and denial of science that threatens the planet and the future.
This is a public health decision for clean air and clean water;
An economic decision on global economic development in the United States
The outstanding position of green technology;
Security decisions to protect our security;
The moral decision to be a good steward created by God.
"Rhode Island's representative, Jim Lange, a veteran Democrat and the first to be elected to Congress, has the privilege of hosting the first session of 116 Congress --
And how to reopen the open debate of the government.
In the new house, which includes the first two Muslim women, the first two Native American women, and many other diversity first
Pelosi turns 54-year-
The Old New Englander who has lived in this House since 2001.
"As a spokesman, when the United States commemorates the 20 th anniversary of the landmark bipartisan US disability bill, I am honored to reform our institutions so that our disabled colleagues may preside over the house . "
Pelosi announced her decision.
"Now, it is my great honor and pleasure to be able to build on this progress by choosing Congressman Jim langzhiwan as the first interim speaker of the new Congress.
Together, we proudly reaffirm a fundamental truth: in our country, we respect what people can do, not judge them for what they cannot do.
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