a history of sheriffs and the modern uniform - metal badge and button

by:ShunDing     2019-08-04
a history of sheriffs and the modern uniform  -  metal badge and button
In the United States, the role of Sheriff varies greatly between states and counties.
The sheriff is usually a county official and a law enforcement officer in a county court.
In urban areas, some magistrates may be restricted to the scope of the duties of these courts, such as supervision of county prisons, security of courtrooms, transportation of detainees, delivery of arrest warrants, process services or police management
The administrator can also patrol outside the city/town or jurisdiction.
In many rural areas, magistrates and their deputies are the main forms of police.
It is becoming increasingly important to be able to distinguish between typical police and sheriff's offices.
The iconic sheriff's uniform does a very good job, as it is usually significantly different from the traditional police uniform.
Unlike the traditional dark blue uniforms of most police agencies, the sheriff and deputy often wear 2-
A combination of uniform tones, with a shallow earthy yellow on the top and a dark brown on the bottom, or the opposite.
The shirt is button.
Down jacket, short or long sleeves, usually with a shoulder patch on top that says "sheriff ".
Pants usually stick a stripe at the seams outside.
The sheriff's uniform usually includes ordinary uniform accessories such as gold and seven colors.
Point metal badge and gold nameplate.
The reason why the sheriff's uniform is mixed with light and dark has a lot to do with color psychology. As Richard R. Johnson, M. S.
In his report, psychological effects of police uniforms, an experiment showed two paramilitary uniforms to the test subjects.
One is the traditional dark blue worn by most police agencies, and the other is the native yellow shirt and dark green trousers worn by the California sheriff on behalf of the traditional.
Although the rankings of the two uniforms are similar, honest, helpful and competent, the warmth and friendliness of the light-colored sheriff's uniform is significantly higher.
What they have gathered from these results is that only half of the dark uniforms send out a better message, that is, all the blue/black uniforms.
The magistrate serves and protects the British.
For thousands of years, in those years, the uniforms have changed and are as unique as the sheriff everywhere.
While some sheriff's uniforms follow this traditional combination of brown/brown colors, others use other combinations of brown and green, or all combinations of green or gray.
Regardless of the color of their uniform, the sheriff is usually the highest law enforcement officer in a county, but not always.
As Thomas Jefferson wrote in his "The value of the Constitution," the sheriff's office is the most important of all the administrative offices of the county.
"The sheriff's office is of course significant and is actually the first county office set up in the United States.
Some very distinguished Americans have served as county sheriff from the earliest days to our present days.
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