a review of pet tag machines - anodized aluminum labels

by:ShunDing     2019-08-05
a review of pet tag machines  -  anodized aluminum labels
The demand for pet labels is real, which makes the production of pet labels a good business proposition.
But where will potential pet label manufacturers buy the equipment they need to start or enhance their business?
Hillman Group in Cincinnati manufactures and sells pet label machines through the names of PetScribe and fastTag. With Quick-Tag(TM)
, Can create custom and engraved pet ID tags at an affordable price in a very short time.
The machine is equipped with computer engraving and video touch screen.
The machine supports credit cards and cash payments to enable self-service.
The token can also be paid if needed.
Labels of different colors, shapes and sizes can be produced. PetScribe(TM)
Engraved pet ID tags can be created in less than 60 seconds.
The machine allows engraving on both sides of two sizes (Large and Small).
Including bone, big heart, Bell, oval, rivets, small decoration and other label styles. , can be used.
Portable and stationary unit of your supply warehouse limited "40 B type pet label stamping press"
In the market.
Find the missing pet label system (TM)
Patented communication technology is adopted.
With the help of next generation technology, people who find a lost pet can contact the owner using tollsfree number.
The system can call either of the three stored phone numbers, but the caller cannot access them.
Users can change phone numbers and information multiple times as needed.
The system was designed by Virginia McLean's secure connection with the help of the American Humane Society.
The IMARC Pet label carvers are designed for a variety of countertops.
For the convenience of selection, different anode alumina label styles are provided, including fire hydrants, rivets, Hearts, etc.
The machine is equipped with three label brackets of different sizes.
Engraving, lower case and upper case text on both sides, and logo options help create high-quality pet labels.
Pet ID tags are an important tool to help find lost animals quickly.
A wide range of pet labels are available for sale at an affordable price, but celebrity pets can even buy diamond pet labels.
From working dogs at the sheep farm to little Chihuahua in the arms of socialites, all pets should wear pet labels.
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