Anthony Gismondi: Road 13 Vineyards judged Canada's best winery - stainless steel name plates supplier

by:ShunDing     2019-06-22
Anthony Gismondi: Road 13 Vineyards judged Canada\'s best winery  -  stainless steel name plates supplier
This is official, all roads lead to the lucky ones, and recently won 2018 Canadian wine of the year award for best wine.
The journey took about 16 years and dates back to 2002 when the Luckhurst family Pam and Mick bought the golden domain wine cellar.
The hard-working couple left the wood industry and the construction supply industry to find a more peaceful and natural way of life in South Okanagan.
We guess the project is more crazy than they planned, but after beating around 247 wineries from all over the country and bringing the final honor home, this week, there can only be a high degree of personal satisfaction in the family.
Five years after the project was implemented, the lucky man made a bold decision to reshape the brand of the winery and its label, while giving up the name of the jinyingli wine cellar, become a legal geographic locator for several neighboring wineries from the east slope across the mountain of Kobau.
Under the label of their new Route 13, the family opened as usual and planted a site in early 1920, when B. C.
The Prime Minister's "Honest" John Oliver jumped the area into major farmland by launching an irrigation canal from the north at the Okanagan waterfall.
For the industry, the quality of the wine is not surprising, they have noticed that south Oliver producers have been rising in the national rankings for ten years, in the end, the biggest national wine competition in history has made a breakthrough.
Neither Pam nor Mick are winemakers, so they 've seen some winemakers coming and going over the years.
They opened under the guidance of the late California.
Trained Lawrence Herder
Michael Battier moved from 2005 to 2009, instilling an Okanagan spirit throughout the winery.
When Battier opened the Battier brothers through the valley
Fortunately, J-
M. Bouchard, Ontario, who focused the winery on terroir until 2016.
For the past two years, winemaker Jeff Del Nin, who was a winemaker of the Church and the country, quietly polished everything available for a coveted year
The winery's business card is "it's all about dirt," but we might argue that it's all about the original fruit and clarity that the judge found in the wine on Route 13.
The performance this year is very special.
It starts with a platinum medal.
This is a lot of validation Highway 13 into manufacturing "Rhone-
Despite telling the truth, the South Okana wine doesn't need much help from Rhone to tell its story.
Chen Ning Blanc is another advantage of the wineryyear-
The ancient vines have powered the country's premier projects.
Today, a new generation oversees the day. to day-
The operation of route 13, general manager Joe Luckhurst, his wife Laura and their little daughter brought new life to the property.
When I called Joe at the end of July to let him know that they had occupied the wineries of the year, he said with enthusiasm and humility: "We are very happy with this victory.
Our team's tireless dedication to excellence really pays off, just as our passion for Rhone --style wines.
2016 Roussanne's platinum medal proves our understanding of the best way to express our terroir in glass.
"Sadly, there can only be one winner in a year, but the list of the top 10 in the country has never been better than this year, and the score has never been closer than this year.
For now, Highway 13 is correct.
1 position, but returning there in 2019 also requires the same tenacious determination as the wine race takes place nationwide.
8414617240018 varivarias is a fun summer champagne and very affordable.
Fresh, long-lasting citrus, melon and dry herbs are mixed together to make the nose bright.
It is made from a combination of traditional grapes: Xarel Macabeo 30/40/20.
Lo and Parellada.
The taste is also fresh and bright, but at the end of the day there will be cream, delicious distiller's grains and fresh baked cream.
We like the value here.
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62 8055147398new from Bartier Bros.
This is the 100 lovesickness hand.
It was harvested later.
11 black sage Terrace.
The alternate Bartier style works here, occupying mineral and stone notes in the light grapefruit and peach.
The wine only took five months on stainless steel distillers.
Most shellfish are well matched. Winery direct.
2017 is a "Spatlese-
"White" made of fully mature grapes ".
Aged around nine points in oak barrels because of its texture and weight.
The remaining sugar is healthy. 2 g/L.
Looking forward to an open floral citrus nose.
This attack is intense, and the remaining sugar eases the long, gorgeous, acidic beads.
Strong long mouth
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Oh, and it will last for years.
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626990254010Wow, what I want to say is that Arrowleaf has tamed this beast that can be tamed by Zweigelt.
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This is an impressive bottle of bright, delicious, red wine.
Great grape planting and wine making.
009311789081847 this wine, or I should say its old vines, always offers a mixture of wild herbs, black cherries, Mint mellow and black raspberries that roll to the palate.
The palate is bright and juicy, with more raspberry fruits, dried herbs and thorns, but all fresh, tight and food friendly.
It is soft and smooth, and the balance is dark and spicy.
Great choice for grilled ribs or grilled chicken.
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Garlic recipe isOlwen Woodier's sixth recipe collection and her most attractive, perfect for our current rich summer herbs.
All 116 dishes scream fresh and creative.
Despite its strong taste, Basil
The coriander oil makes a mellow poaching sauce for this dish, because it is blended with a little butter, because the sliced garlic is cooked with low heat, so it is not pungent.
Cook 4 quarts in a big pot (4 L)
Water at high temperatures.
Add the lobster tail and heat it for 4 minutes.
Move the lobster to the chopping board and remove the shell.
To make the sauce, heat a large frying pan over medium heat, then season with oil, garlic, salt and pepper, and then add pepper flkes.
When it hisses, reduce the heat and cook the garlic for about 1 minute without Brown.
Add butter and stir to melt, add 1 teaspoon (5 mL)of lemon zest.
Add the lobster tail and cook for 3 to 4 minutes.
Squeeze juice out of 1 lemon on the tail, turn over to the coat, and transfer to the plate.
Pour the pan juice over it and serve sliced lemon on the side.
Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor until smooth or to the desired consistency and scrape the sides of the bowl if necessary.
Pour glass cans for cold storage.
Use within 1 month.
Chardonnay is the match for this week. The Lobster, basil and coriander are better and better.
The flavors of hazelnut, peach and mango are creamy and have a creamy flavor of ripe red apples and pears that are very rich enough to deal with lobsters.
Lemon curd, roasted spices, soft creamy roasted pears are all combined with lobster-brewed wine.
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