beslan bell tolls for 186 children and 148 adults massacred in 2004 terror act - etched name plates

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beslan bell tolls for 186 children and 148 adults massacred in 2004 terror act  -  etched name plates
In September 1, 2004, thousands of people were taken hostage at Beslan Middle School.
The hostages were held at gunpoint for more than 50 hours without water, food and medical help.
The disaster finally ended in September 3-except that families still need to know who died and who survived.
Eight years after blood-
In a republic in southern Russia, there have been chilling incidents in the town of North ossetia, and the pain is still fading.
As hundreds of people flock to the ruins of the school, many cannot restrain violent crying.
In this small town with a population of only 35,000, almost no family has been affected by this tragedy.
"The wound is still bleeding," Viktor Yesiyev told Regnum news agency . ".
"On the first day of the terrorist attack, my son was shot and killed.
When the security forces started fighting back, my two granddaughters were also taken hostage and injured. operation.
They had to undergo long-term treatment at a Moscow hospital.
Their mother was hurt, too.
We still can't understand how this can happen in a quiet town like Beslan.
Thousands of flowers, candles and toys were taken to the ruins of secondary school.
The ceremony began on Saturday.
Most importantly, people bring bottled water to commemorate the serious thirst faced by the hostages.
On Sunday, 334 candles lit in the school yard.
They were burning all night, shining on photos of children and adults who died in terror.
A church ceremony was held at the former school on Monday.
After a minute of silence, the white balloon was sent to the sky, and every victim of the atrocities had a balloon.
The memorial ceremony was then relocated to a cemetery in the City of Angels, Beslan, where 266 people were killed in 2004 disasters.
2004 is a regular day of celebration at Beslan secondary school.
1. Students and their parents are attending a ceremony to mark the beginning of another school year.
But the first lesson of that year was to become a symbol of one of the darkest tragedies in modern Russian history.
More than 30 terrorists attacked the ceremony and took 1,128 people hostage-all those who failed to escape.
Most of them, including children and their families, were brought into the gym at the school.
Then the gym was dug.
Reports that are still not fully confirmed say the terrorists are asking Russian troops to leave Chechnya and bargain in exchange for "security" in the southern republic ".
The then prominent Chechen separatist leader, Shamir Basayev, claimed responsibility for the act.
Three days later, thirsty and hungry, full of fear.
Most of the captured people are children, some of whom are toddlers.
Later, the terrorists claimed that the hostages were on hunger strike in support of their liberation movement.
"Healthcare staff, food and water-no one is allowed to enter the site.
No one is allowed to retrieve the body by terrorists.
On September 3, several explosions in the school triggered a fire.
The hostages took advantage of the explosion and rushed out despite fatigue.
The terrorists opened fire behind them.
Later, Russian security forces began attacks on besieged schools. Twenty-
Seven terrorists were killed and four others were killed earlier.
The only living terrorist, Nur.
Pashi Kulayev was later sentenced to life imprisonment.
The chilling three
The Day incident killed 334 people, 318 of whom were hostages, including 186 children.
One of the children killed was 11-year-
The old boy who fled the school safely after the explosion, but then returned to help the injured friend.
10 security officers were killed and 15 police officers and two emergency department staff were killed. Eight-
Hundreds and ten people were injured. Seventy-
So far, two children and 69 adults have been seriously affected by the attack.
17 children lost their parents.
This year, hundreds of people went to the solemn monument instead of the burned ruins.
German engineers designed the rest of the stadium in gold
Colorful screen with flowers engraved on it.
In order to protect the remains of the school, the local authorities used the building as part of the Beslan memorial complex.
The wall inside was covered with photos of the victims.
In some class photos, all the students were marked dead.
Residents of Beslan light candles all year round, bringing flowers and more bottled water.
Gold nameplates are scattered around the school, marking the location of the death of safety and emergency department officials.
The dishes are on Saturday.
A memorial stone in the yard stands at the place of the lieutenant.
Colonel Dmitry Razumovsky was killed.
When the hostage began to run out of school, he distracted the militants and attracted their artillery so that others could escape.
This year, it was also the first time the children of the victims of terrorist acts came to the scene, overwhelming their memory.
"Well, our kids don't understand what's going on," Vika Kotsoyeva told Rossiyskaya to talk.
When the terrorists caught her with other children and adults, she was only six years old.
The tragedy shook the world.
Not only in Russia, but also in the United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Italy, Israel and other countries, the annual commemoration ceremony was held.
In Paris, a ceremony was launched by the French "unification organization.
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