chablis champs royaux pleasures increase with temperature - company name plates stainless steel

by:ShunDing     2019-11-13
chablis champs royaux pleasures increase with temperature  -  company name plates stainless steel
2012 William ferfrey charblis champion Rojo.
The pngThe family, which produced William ferfrey wine in Chablin, leased the vineyard and sold the winery and name rights to the Henriot family, which inherited the fine tradition of the family. (Henriot)In the off-
If the weather is still in the spring, 2012 William ferfrey Chablis Champs Elysees Cup will please flora, the goddess of spring in Rome.
The Fevre family has approximately 125 acres of land in Chablis, Chablis Premier Cru and Grand Cru vineyards.
In 1998, they leased the vineyard and sold the rights of the winery and company name to the Henriot family, the owner of the outstanding Henriot champagne house, and the revival of the Bouchard Pere et
Joseph Henriot, after obtaining the right of William Fevre, transferred Bochard, the winemaker dididier Seguier, who started working in 1992, to Chablis.
Seguier ferment each wine with stainless steel
Depending on the vineyard, this wine is aged in old oak barrels to avoid the strong aroma and taste of new oak barrels.
The result is William ferfrey charblis, which proves the original fruit flavor and balanced acidity of his vineyard at every level.
Like all charblis, 2012 William ferfrey charblis Champs-Elysees is 100% chardonnay.
It is made of real estate and purchased grapes, fermented and aged in stainless steel for 8 to 10 monthssteel tanks.
Transfer the 10% to the old oak barrel for about four months, and then mix the wine into the bottle.
If you drink 2012 Chablis Citron Royaux in the fridge or ice
Barrel temperature, lemon-
Lime notes and aromas with a sour flavor will be pleasant and refreshing.
But if you put the bottle on the table and let it reach 55 to 60 degrees, the fragrance adds a layer of white pepper and tropical fruit, and the texture softens from the cold, passion fruit and lemon thyme taste like spring plants.
Behind these two experiences, however, is the winery's obsession with keeping the vineyard's character pure, the cool climate of the summer cloth and the soil inlaid with stones and shells of the ancient ocean exudes the fragrance and flavor of the summer.
Open a bottle of 2012 William ferfrey charblis Xiang roy Royo with a sushi roll, soft spring-
Crab shell, or fried squid.
After it gave up the fridge or ice
Barrel warm, discover the fun with mango salsa roast chicken or pork tenderloin plus Dijon mustard.
Save the Last Bite to thank flora for the warm weather.
S. B & D restaurant in Glenrock provides a restaurant for 2012 William ferfrey charblis Champs Elysees Cup.
The retail price is about $20.
There is a glass of wine every week in food and dining.
John fu may arrive at John Fu @ thewineodysey.
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