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The world's population has witnessed several amazing French women.Some are inspired by their struggles, while some die in awe of these beautiful things, let alone talent.Whether it's fashion, discipline, sports or music, these women have absolutely not stopped.
Videos have been designed and publications have been designed for them.Their feats make them famous not only in their area, but also in the world.An uneducated peasant girl who led an army of French soldiers during World War II was considered a symbol of encouragement.
When your loved one was 13 years old, she said she found some visions that told her in order to save her land from the UK.She commanded the French Army several victories in the centuries or so war, eventually leading to the Coronation linked to Charles VII (Cal.The Spanish king was 1429 this summer.During 1930, she was shot and killed by Burgundia in order to defend the city of Compiegne.
At the age of 19, the woman was destroyed by language.On May 14, 1920, Pope Benedict 15 declared her a saint.As St .Joan of Arc, Jane was popular during the Roman Catholic Church.
"Chanel" is one of the most famous interstate fashion brands, and at least 18 of them are Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel.Your lover gave any "little black dress" in the fashion industry ".In addition to the sense of style, their design is still well maintained --Like so far.
She herself is considered an exciting fashion icon.However, the root of the girl is the opposite.Your loved one grew up in an orphanage and has some small vocal work in the club so you can make a living.
The woman started her fashion career in 1910, starting with a great way to sell.She is interested in her personal cardigan and suit.Your girlfriend's popularity is largely due to her relaxed fashion model, which is in sharp contrast to the bodice type of bodice, which in turn brings charm rather than comfort.
The girl died at the age of 87 in 1971.
Physicist, Madame Curie is the most suitable person for your girlfriend in radioactive research.She was the first to win the Nobel Prize.Mrs. Curie gave a speech in Warsaw, managed to graduate from science and began her degree in mathematics.The lady found the next thunderstorm pol and Ra.
The Lady, along with her groom, Mrs.
Pierre Curie, won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for about £ 1903.After Pierre's death, she got his/her chair and became the most important female mentor in sobang.On the 1911 th, she appeared to have been appointed the boss of the start of radioactivity.
In the same year, she also won the second Nobel Prize in Physics.She found Madame Curie in Rome and Warsaw.The lady died in 1934 due to too much exposure to light.
Brigitte is a retired actress, actor, model and human rights activist.Your lover is the earliest foreigner.Find successful international language actors.Bardot is known for promoting swimwear on her show, and her career began with models at the fashion show in the late 1940 s.
The first time she appeared on the screen was in 1952, which included a comedy video "Crazy Love", where your loved one received the attention of the American media and, subsequently, her German film will be released in the world.The woman's film proved her in the form of a sexy siren.She began her career as a musician in the 1960 s and filmed many popular songs.
In 1973, after more than 45 films, the girl announced that she had retired from her acting career and started her pet dog welfare campaign.About 1986, she started the Brigitte Bardot platform, which continues to work for specific benefits and animal-related conservation.Gower, a French singer, became famous in his 60 s.
She received a lot of charts.
Top members over the years;He has 11 female albums.The French songwriter John Gaal's baby learned electric guitar and keyboard when he was very young.Once the girl has only agreed to the age of 15, her first solo "Ne sois pas supposrr que be" ("Don't be stupid for this") is released;They continue to be major achievements.
Her debut album was premiered in 1965.
In the same year, she took part in the European visual record contest, and your girlfriend was very popular at the European Open.Your pre-performance is definitely a huge success in the audience of this specific language. Many of her own singles are active on this language-specific chart.
Your loved one retired from her track career in 1997 and is currently working on humanitarian work.Twelve-Jeannie Longo is the king of the world, and she is one of the best female motorcyclists in the world.She won the original national championship at 1979 and continues to take an active part in sports.
Long Ge began his career as a ski athlete, and even won many championships and turned into a bicycle ride.She won five Olympic medals in the 1996 street games, including a precious metal medal.Your woman is racing on the road and on the track.
She is widely known for her 30-year cycling career.In fact, she won 57 national championships in this special language national championship.Some of them are many famous ladies who have made any marks for the arena of their choice.
They have opened the way for many women, and it turns out that there is usually no shortage of talent in France.Many are still the resources that many encourage
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