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by:ShunDing     2019-08-01
die cutting and finishing service for hang tags  -  hang tag manufacturers
Tag die-cutting finishing service is a service provided by many printing companies to customers.
Usually, when the tag has a unique die-cut shape, it will attract the attention of customers, thus increasing the sales of the product.
However, sometimes the printer has to outsource the finishing service of the tag.
There are several printing companies that have the ability to print labels and labels that are used today on many products in retail stores.
Studies have shown that hanging labels do increase sales of the product.
The die-cut tag is used to attract their attention.
Die-cut tag is a tag that customers want to have a special shape.
They are also called Custom labels.
An example of a die-cut label is: a hanging label in the shape of the boot.
Most customers do not understand the process involved in making custom shape hanging labels.
To create a hanging label in the shape of the boot, special molds must be made by the tool company.
After the tool is made, the printing company will design the artwork according to the layout design of the tool.
After printing the job, you can use the mold that makes the label into the shape of the boot to cut it out.
This is what die-cutting labels do.
The next step is to attach the required tag finishing service so that it can be hung on the item.
The customer may want to put a elastic cord on the hanging label so that it can be easily attached to the product.
Although most printing companies have the ability to print labels and labels, they may not be used to connect elastic strings to automatic label string machines on hanging labels.
This process is called the label sorting service.
If there is no elastic string, the tag cannot be hung on the product.
So they will have to outsource this part to the label finishing company.
This is the time for the printer to outsource Google tag sorting services to a company.
Die-cutting and finishing services for tag tags are usually outsourced to companies specializing in this service.
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