different types of name badge holders - suppliers of name badges

by:ShunDing     2019-07-30
different types of name badge holders  -  suppliers of name badges
The name badge holder is a custom product that is mainly used to protect and display the name badge.
The size, material and even color of the badge holder are different.
The use of each style and design depends on your institution or company.
The name badge holder can have a clear vinyl or color coded form.
There are some with magnets, arm bands and metal.
Some may be soft, some may be hard.
Depending on the layout of the name badge, the holder can be either vertical or horizontal.
Depending on the nature of your work, special designs and materials may be used for your safety and the safety of the workplace.
Clear vinyl and color coded types don't usually have any additionsons.
You can use any kind of lanyard or any other accessories.
However, some manufacturers have distributed transparent vinyl with accessories.
These may be chains, woven and elastic.
There is also a clip fastener, so you don't need to pierce your uniform or favorite clothes.
This clip also has a slot, so you can attach a lanyard if you want to wear it on your head.
Accessories may also be magnets.
This one is suitable for people wearing sweaters and jackets.
With this, you don't need to pierce or mark your clothes.
There are also pins that don't stain or tarnish clothes.
There's an
Customize the static name badge holder with slot holes for chains, fasteners, lanyard and pin accessories.
It turns out that this type does not generate static electricity and can be used safely in factories and laboratories.
On the other hand, the arm strap bracket is best used by active people.
Put your name badge on your arm and you will be free to move.
This type uses the strap to secure the badge holder in place without worrying.
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