do you know who’s living next door? - name plate for home

by:ShunDing     2019-10-26
do you know who’s living next door?  -  name plate for home
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 11/5/2015 (1543 days ago)
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If you don't know Laurie Goates yet, chances are you know her home on the west side of Henderson.
She is the "lady who lives in the 'Purple house'", a painter who likes vintage furniture, and she is also a gardener.
No matter what you see in her home or in the garden, you will see her unique and beautiful work.
Laurie lived all his life in East Kildonan and moved into the purple house 18 years ago, although it was not purple at that time.
Built in 1921, this character house is just waiting for someone to come in and create some magic.
Laurie thinks he's a bit of a "quirk" and I think you have to paint the exterior of your house bright purple or, rather, magenta with bright yellow decorations
She smiled and told me the painter's shocked face when he opened the can to see the color.
He said: "It's not too late to change now, madam.
"But she insisted that it was what she wanted, so the" Purple House "with a famous brand on the garden gate turned into a well --
Well-known gathering place-
"It's kind of like a statue of Eaton," said Laurie.
She told me the day she went out to see a lady take a picture of the house.
The woman introduced herself that she lived there when she was a child and her father lived in the first Salisbury House in Winnipeg.
Laurie was curious to know more, and she invited her in for tea and was taken to her own house by that woman.
A very proud mother of four children.
Laurie's son and the grandmother of the three granddaughters had a lot of iron in the fire.
She often hosts tea parties in the garden for charity and opens the door for a trip to the Winnipeg Historical Society in East kildo South.
The crazy paving wind runs through her front garden to the backyard and in the summer you can walk along the path and see a spectacular cottage garden that is artistic and makes you stop and stare.
For several years, she won the first prize in the Winnipeg garden competition.
It seems that this is not enough, and Laurie is still managing MCC furniture thrift stores at 18 Keewatin St.
About 50 volunteers.
There is also an interesting side to Laurie;
She loves Latin dancing, wearing her swirdance skirt and red shoes.
Occasionally, she invites a group of dancers to her house for a house and garden dance, opens the door and plays music.
She also told me that she likes to drink a glass of red wine and smoke a cigar occasionally!
If you see a woman riding a Honda Shadow motorcycle wandering south of East kildo, it could be Laurie.
Joan Douglas is a community correspondent for East Kildonan.
Can you be our next neighbor?
Contact Joan at jarre1 @ shaw.
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