exploring the yucatan and 'the cradle of the mestizo' (photos) - metal plaque

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exploring the yucatan and \'the cradle of the mestizo\' (photos)  -  metal plaque
The repainted school bus from Belize to Mexico is packed with white old men in overalls, young Creole girls in beach suits and garrisfuna girls in straw hats, then cross their stuff over the border and put in a group that is peddling their goods and providing access to the cut
There are very few tourists here, and drivers rarely charge more.
They cleverly zip up on the highway leading to the city's business district, and when they swing at the roundabout near the airport, only a little slower, where, A statue that looks like a Mayan family plays their best Mexican Gothic style.
Despite the feather headwear and headwear, the family depicted in the statue is not Maya.
Not just Maya anyway.
This man is the Spanish sailor Gonzalo grero, his adventures-
Affectionate, otherwise--
Made him a hero in this town, which claims to be the cradle of Mestizo ".
"The Yucatan Peninsula is ruled by mestizos, a term used for a mix of all local and European people, but most commonly used in Maya.
Walking on Chetumal's neatly planned Boulevard is a key factor to remember the shameful fate of Mayan culture: tradition has long been losing war with desire.
One can call it the revelation of love.
The story of Graco is completely absurd.
Greiro, originally from Palos, in southern Spain, suffered a shipwreck as he sailed to Panama in 1511, where he, along with most of his crew, was rushed to shore, where he was quickly enslaved by Maya leader Nachan Can.
Greo, like Mark Twain's Connecticut Yankees, used his knowledge, especially about war, to please his captors, and was finally allowed to marry
The story is like this. The first mestizo was born.
Everything was fine until Hernan Cortes arrived at 1519 ready to attack Yucatan in the name of the King and the country.
After hearing the rumors of gerero, Cortes sent him a letter asking him to rejoin his former compatriots and fight on behalf of Spain.
Grero's curt reply is kept on a plaque in front of the statue of chetumar.
The inscription reads: "I am married and have three children who regard me as the master and captain of the war period," gained from the history of Berna Diaz's conquest of New Spain.
"My face was tattooed and my ears pierced.
"Although it is not written in stone (
Or on a metal plaque)
It is worth noting that grero continues to brag about how "handsome" his children are ".
Men and women who buy Christmas decorations in the main market of Chetumal are themselves decorated with reliefs specially used for grero, which can of course be called attractive.
They have a common figure, a tan color and sharp eyes.
They also have a common language.
In a group of tailors, shoe-brushing boys, butchers and grocery stores, I couldn't find someone who could speak the Mayan dialect.
Most Chetalumans told me that part of them is Maya;
Some people, including a taxi driver with a pure grandmother.
Blood Yucatec, even know which part.
However, no one, despite the occupation of Mestizo pride and the proximity of the Museum of Mayan culture, is full of artifacts and mass reproductions of nearby sites, acknowledging compliance with any Mayan custom.
Still, many colorful ranch homes in Chetumal have Mayan inscriptions on the door frame near terra
Photo of Mary.
The city celebrates its history happily with the story of grero.
If grero and his wife happily gave birth to the first Mestizo child, the next Mestizo may not be so happy to be born.
As many historians have described, the Spaniards violently attacked Maya women, almost matching their religious hypocrisy.
A large group, at least retaining its genetic Maya-
Nice, it was born of disgust.
The Mestizo game can be said to be an unwanted improvement.
There must be some progress in the identity of this hybrid.
With the happy interweaving of the world's population towards a brown patch, there is little positive respect for what was once derided as "alien.
Someone might ask why there's no greello yet.
Jefferson's memorial of love style in Monticello, and concluded that most cultures lag behind Mestizos in accepting and celebrating their mixed ethnic identity.
The celebrations are in full swing in chetumar.
Along a winding road, half in front
Spa and tiki
The style bar, a huge Christmas display feature, shadows are suitable for the nearby choir of angels.
On the block, a girl posed for a photo in front of the sculpture of the Maya fisherman.
She posed warmly and was full of confidence in her handsome appearance.
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