foreign professionals find ways around curbs - brass name plates

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foreign professionals find ways around curbs  -  brass name plates
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LONDON, Jan. 16—
Where there is a will-
Or lucrative gallbladder, housing development, or stock tips
A firm self-promoter may find a way.
In most countries, lawyers, doctors, architects, investment advisers and other professionals face seemingly insurmountable obstacles in seeking new business. In most cases, members of the professional society are categorically prohibited
In some places, these rules are considered by some to be similar to the rules of the cartel and are supported by law.
However, in random surveys of practices around the world, there are often instances of clever evasion of spirit and limitations.
Taking the Japanese investment consultant as an example, he posted an advertisement for several weeks in a row, saying that he was not suitable for advertising and was asked to withdraw the advertisement.
However, all the essential elements may have never been run, and the suspicious "exit" contains the name, address, phone number of the consultant or even the slogan of his company.
Then the famous doctor in Spain.
Ochoa is an eye doctor who has put his name graffi-style on many places along the Madrid-Barcelona highway and he is also a British lawyer who is in
Britain may have the world's most restrained doctors.
No advertisement is allowed except word of mouth.
The doctors here have to rely on carefully polished brass nameplates.
Among the expensive Harley Street practitioners, a size of 6-inch is their favorite, and many of them have plates that are often illuminated to the point where they cannot read.
By contrast, British lawyers are almost candidates to work on Madison Avenue, although they do confuse the difference between wearing wigs, debating cases in court and lawyers who charge high fees, the small order is called a lawyer.
Traditionally, both types of lawyers have strictly banned advertising, but recently the Bar Association has begun to allow corporate advertising.
In last October, the association began publishing a series of advertisements pointing out the dangers of obtaining legal advice from friends in local bars or people on the street.
One feature is a gentleman.
Let a little old lady believe: "There is no need to see a lawyer.
If I want to leave everything to my favorite son, all I have to do is write it down, then nothing will go wrong.
The "ad see lawyer" Nest group showed three sons in Court: ad advice: "Don't listen to any name --See a lawyer.
"It is speculated that this proposal will apply to the guess doctor who complains to a lawyer friend about someone who has sought medical advice from him at the party.
"I should send them a bill, don't you think? " asked the doctor ? ". “Yes, I would.
The lawyer replied that he immediately went home and sent the doctor a bill of $100.
Last summer, the Royal Institute of Architects took the initial first step to allow its members to advertise, but the membership became cold and voted to reconsider the plan in October.
It never took effect.
"Facts and relevance" This will allow the architect to "provide his services and understand the availability and experience of his or his practice by providing real and relevant information in substance and representation, this is not fair to others, nor is it a profession.
The Italian doctor's advertisement is controlled by Ordine Medici, equivalent to the American Medical Association, which sets the standard for the size of the advertisement.
In most cases, these restrictions are limited to the name and address in the classified telephone directory.
Doctors are not allowed to advertise on radio or television, but some people, including heart experts, have annoyed colleagues for appearing on interview shows.
Of course, if you do something illegal, advertising can cause you trouble even if you are not a real professional.
London's wake-up Daily Telegraph recently reported that a card offering "big boxes for sale" led police to the Soho apartment, where the wife of a local transport official was a call girl.
Advertisementcaveat self.
A version of this file was printed on page 56 of the New York edition on January 17, 1978, with the title: foreign professionals have found a way to bypass the restrictions.
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