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by:ShunDing     2019-10-27
from once upon a time  -  name plate online
My heart takes me back to my days of school in Delhi. It is a co-
School of Education.
We are in class nine.
When we girls become the "awe" of boys, that is the stage.
Although we have been together since childhood, we are no longer talking to them and playing with them.
We are very shy to each other.
If there is any communication, it is limited to the subject of study.
We sit separately.
There's a boy who looks bigger than everyone else.
He joined the class that year.
He kept silent most of the time.
One day after school, when my friend and I were waiting to go home in the school bus, the boy walked up to the bus and handed me a book and said, "I know you're going to take your medicine after school.
I thought you would be interested in the book.
Then he left.
A girl sitting next to me wants to see.
She opened the book and took out a letter!
The girls around are very smart.
Then they read the letter again.
He wrote everything about his family and himself.
I don't remember now if he explained why all the people wrote to me.
I only remember feeling very embarrassed in front of those smirking girls.
I went home and, in due course, confided the secret of the letter to my mother and gave it to her.
The next morning, when I was ready to go to school, my father told me that he would come to school to meet the principal that day.
I feel scared, guilty, embarrassed.
Is this letter a reflection on my character?
What will the principal think?
In a way, I encouraged the boy to have the courage to write to me, to hide the letter in a book and give it to me?
I believe the whole school will know that.
I might die in shame.
Sure enough, at noon, Pixie took the boy to the principal's office.
Except that my very close friends know what's going on with this, there are question marks on my classmates faces.
After a while, the boy came back and was depressed.
He went to his seat and sat down.
He did not reply to his friend's crazy whisper.
I feel very sorry for him now.
Later in the evening, my father assured me at home that the boy would not be in any more trouble.
The principal warned him to threaten his deportation if he did something similar again.
We won't even look at each other until we are in class 11.
On the last day of our school life, we officially say goodbye like other students.
As of the time I was in class 10.
Our direct seniors in class 11 are taking study leave before the board exam begins.
There was an 11-year-old boy traveling on the same school bus with me and his two sisters.
When he was on vacation, his sisters did not have him traveling now.
One day, the elders of the two handed me a book with a note from her brother.
He asked me to return the book to the school library, which I did.
On the way home from the school bus, I told the girl that I had returned the book to the library.
The next morning, the girl gave me another note from her brother!
There are a few "thank you-
It's written everywhere.
The familiar fear and embarrassment filled me.
I reluctantly confided the letter to my mother that night.
She asked me some questions and then advised me to ignore it.
Her reasoning is very logical.
First, the boy will not return to school in the last year and will take the board exam soon.
Second, this obsession is not uncommon among teenagers.
I followed her advice.
The next day, the girl tried to hand over another note from her brother.
I refused to accept it and told her to return it to him.
Nothing happened after that, and I was relieved. It is short-lived, though!
A few days later, a boy in my class asked me to accompany him to a small courtyard near our classroom.
As I entered the place, I saw the older boy rushing away behind a wall further away from me.
Then, my classmate turned to me and held a note in his hand telling me that the senior asked him to hand the note to me, so please accept it!
I firmly refused.
This is the end of things.
The next year I wrote 11 board exams and left Delhi with my family as my father had already found a job in Chennai.
For my graduation, I registered at a nearby women's college.
I was 19 when I graduated.
My mother started looking for the right groom for me.
I am excited about the prospect.
Several of my classmates are married or engaged and feel very romantic.
A friend of my mother's suggested a groom-to-be living in the next street.
The two ladies had an exciting conversation about the boy's qualifications and work and his family.
He is a chartered accountant who works in the well.
Living with his widowed mother.
His sisters are married.
What else can a person ask?
Constellation and photos were exchanged.
My mother was a little upset that the boy's star was "moolam", which was not favored.
She reassured her that all the other parameters were normal.
My father made an official visit to their home and invited the lady and her son to our home.
The lady said it was necessary to wait until her brother could come to Chennai.
She did not want to come for the first time because she was a widow.
The ceremony began as we waited for our brother to visit Chennai.
Every night, the "boy" drove his car slowly along our street, honking in a special way.
That's the whole family time-
Except for the father who hasn't come back from work --
In front of the House, enjoy the sea breeze and watch the traffic pass.
A few days later, it became clear to everyone that he did so to attract attention.
My brother immediately began to tease me mercilessly.
I feel shy but excited.
So romantic.
Even today, I can remember the brand and number plate of the car.
This is the impact of those moments. Months pass.
I'm on cloud nine.
I wait eagerly every day to see him pass.
I miss him on weekends.
There are other small events that have given me great confidence that the alliance will succeed.
His mother invited my mother to their house and asked her to bring me.
The way she spoke gave me extra reassurance that it was only a matter of time before the league finally decided.
I'm really happy. I feel lucky.
My uncle who went to Chennai was taken to their house by my father to meet the boy.
My uncle greeted me when he came back and wished me good luck.
Nothing could go wrong.
No wonder I built the castle in the air.
It is almost unknown that these castles will collapse in a short time.
In the meantime, I took a one-night news course, which effectively ended the excitement of the "car ceremony" when the guy came home from the office.
One day his uncle came to Chennai.
Arrange for him to visit our house.
We hope that the boy will also go to the formal meeting with him. up. He doesn’t;
Only Uncle came.
I was very disappointed after this great buildingup.
Uncle explained that his nephew would come another day.
The first time I felt a little dark clouds hovering at the scene.
While we had coffee and snacks, we talked informally and he left in a moment.
They did not communicate further.
A month later we got the news that the league for boys and another girl had been fixed.
I clearly remember the moment when my heart broke.
I remember crying silently in bed that night.
All the pain I carefully bottled in front of my family broke out.
This is a pain.
It would be enough to say that we received an invitation from my father for the wedding.
And then this guy moved and we moved.
A few years later, apparently the same person was driving along the road where my parents lived and noticed that there was my father's nameplate on the door and he came in and took some time to catch up.
I believe that my two children happened to be there and were introduced to him.
I'm sorry I'm not there.
I could have met him face to face.
I'm in my 60 s now.
I watched my child go through love and break my heart.
Today, I think about the events of my youth from a new perspective.
Two classmates who wrote me notes: If you happen to read this, know that I never wanted to humiliate you or hurt you.
Say to the young man who appeared in my life when I was 19: if you happen to read this, tell me what makes you break my heart into millions? r. rema@yahoo.
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