growing things: helpful tool ideas to make gardening easier - name plate stainless steel

by:ShunDing     2019-11-15
growing things: helpful tool ideas to make gardening easier  -  name plate stainless steel
Lee Valley Tools is an inspiration for me for many years.
No, I didn't work for Li Gu and didn't get any pay, I just like to pass on ideas that I think are valuable, so let's take a look at some tools that can make gardening easier. Sometimes e-
There are some great ideas in the mail on my desk.
For those who read a lot, you will know that the Lee Valley tool is a place that inspires me and has many years.
No, I don't work for Li Gu and I don't get any free products.
I just like to pass on ideas that I think are valuable and make gardening easier for my readers.
Let's take a look:-planting Square, $34.
50: I like the idea because it will make life easier for those who sow it.
The rationale behind this product is based on one of my favorite gardening techniques: the square foot method of gardening.
In the square foot gardening method, the seeds are sown in a specific location within a square foot so that everyone has enough space to grow mature without wasting space.
Made of durable ABS and polypropylene plastic, the seeding square provides a square foot template that can help you maximize your growth in a limited space.
Simple to use, the template shows the correct seed spacing, the color is-
A coded hole that matches the planting chart of 46 vegetables allows you to quickly know where to sow.
Graded sowing eliminates speculation about setting the correct depth of planting.
Dibber can also be used as a seed spoon and can be used with the included funnel to accurately store tiny seeds.
When you have finished planting a part, the template can be moved to grow the adjacent square feet, allowing you to use it to grow the entire garden.
-Mini planters, $39.
50: This product is a good idea for people like me because of their back pain or muscle strain trying to drop seeds in a row.
Small size-
Grown on a scale like a backyard garden, this light-weight seeding machine will open a trench, sow the seeds, and then replace the soil again as you push the soil.
Used only for farming soil, it allows you to grow quickly without bending over.
This is especially helpful for smaller seeds because it places seeds evenly, thus eliminating the need for later thinning.
The Hopper is made of solid plastic and has enough seeds to grow the big bed without having to refill it frequently, but the planter is compact in structure and easy to operate and can also work on the raised bed.
Each of the six accompanying seed plates has a different hole size, covering a variety of seed types from cabbage to beans.
It also comes with a spacing template that allows you to do both-inch, five-inch or 10-inch intervals. – Mid-
Length garden tools, 5 pieces for $164: these medium length tools can work on raised beds or from sitting or kneeling
The garden tools of length are very well made and designed to be very durable.
In general, they are about 23 inch long, making it easier for you to operate than typical hand tools.
All parts are stainless steel with durability and corrosion resistance in addition to the mountain wool ball handle.
The blade and tip teeth are well formed and fixed to the tip teeth through a sturdy and smooth weld.
The handle is painted stainless steel for comfort
Steel sleeve that covers the end particles to prevent expansion or splitting.
There are four hoes digging ditches. Five-inch wide
An inch-long spear pointed blade is also useful for weeding, digging ditches or destroying soil.
It has a sloping edge that can be sliced under the soil, cut off the roots and remove shallowrooted weeds. The three-
Prong cultivator has rounded pointed teeth that can easily cross the soil and inflate while rooting out weeds.
The bulb planters have a long blade and the tip of the blade is tilted and can easily penetrate the soil.
Crack wee has a sharp sliced blade and hook for weeding between the sidewalk and the patio stone.
The bed Harrow is 4 inch wide overall and has seven sharp teeth that are tightly spaced, making it easy for you to clean up garbage and debris while working.
The size of all tools is very balanced and the weight is very light.
As a collection of three tools, they can be used separately (
, Middle ploughing, weeding)
Or as a collection of five.
Gerald Felski is a member of the American Association of garden writers.
He is the author of Ask Jerry. E-
Ask filipskigerald @ gmail. com.
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