here's how to choose the right air purifier: all you need to know - small metal plate

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here\'s how to choose the right air purifier: all you need to know  -  small metal plate
For indoor spaces where contaminants and allergens increase in the air, air purifiers have become absolutely necessary.
In the metropolis, it becomes more and more difficult to live near the natural environment, and as the pollution level increases, the fresh air becomes lessexistent.
In this case, the air purifier is proved to be a breathing machine for breathing toxic air.
Here is a guide to purchase, choose the best air purifier for yourself
Why do you need an air purifier?
Indoor air is more harmful than outdoor air.
In addition, household products such as deodorant, detergent, inkjet printer will also cause indoor air pollution.
For people with dust allergies, asthma, or any other respiratory disease, and children, it is recommended to use an air purifier.
Air purifiers control air quality by removing allergens, pollen, dust, pet hair and other contaminants that are not visible to the naked eye.
Some air purifiers can also absorb any bad smell from paint and paint.
How does the air purifier work?
Air purifiers purify indoor air using mechanical, Ionic, electrostatic or mixed filtration.
This process involves pumping the contaminated air back through the filter and then recycling it into the room.
The purifier absorbs pollutants, dust particles, and even smells to purify the air in the room, which also guarantees better sleep.
How to choose air purifier according to personal preference?
Everyone may have different requirements for air purifiers.
Here are the best options in several cases
Asthma patients should choose air purifiers with real HEPA filters and should avoid using ozone-based purifiers.
People with lower immunity and dialysis should install high quality air purifiers with real HEPA filtersfilter etc.
Only real HEPA filter technology can ensure 100% allergen elimination.
People living in the building area must ensure that there is a strong pre-filter. The pre-
Filters should be replaced frequently.
People living in industrial areas should have a purifier with activated carbon filters to remove the smell in the air.
People with pets at home should also choose air purifiers
Before buying an air purifier, in order to avoid breathing pet hair, you must know certain aspects in advance before purchasing an air purifier.
Different technologies can be used for purifiers.
Here are the main features-
Level and type of filter
Foam and non-foam filters
Woven polyester, remove large particles like pet hair before filtering in the next stage. True HEPA (
High Efficiency Particulate Air)
Filter clean allergens such as pollen, animal skin and dandruff, mold spores and dust.
The HEPA filter can remove 99.
Can be as small as 9% of all particles of 0. 3 microns.
The HEPA air purifier filter must be replaced from time to time.
The larger the HEPA filter, the more particles it can remove.
The size, material and structural height of the filter determine the performance of the air purifier.
The activated carbon filter is used in combination with other filters.
The activated carbon/charcoal filter helps to absorb the smell and gas and thus neutralize the smoke, chemicals, food smells and smoke.
Over time, the carbon filter also needs to be replaced after use.
Antibacterial sterilization filters help to remove harmful bacteria.
UV filter and HEPA filter make sure the air you breathe is sterile.
This filter is usually used in hospitals, kitchens, laboratories and day care schools to minimize the risk of air-borne infections.
Charged media filters combine particle filtering with electrostatic charge filters to filter particles as small as 0. 1 microns.
This filter also needs to be replaced in order to work efficiently.
Catalytic oxidation (PCO)
The filter uses titanium dioxide coated metal plates and ultraviolet rays to oxidation and physical decomposition of chemicals during filtration.
Air change rate of air purifier (
Or the rate of change of air per hour)
The number of air purifiers indicates the number of times the purifier filters the entire room air within an hour.
CADR RatingsCADR is a measure for air purifiers to set up the delivery of purified air at their maximum speed.
This is true for both gas flow and particle removal efficiency.
Before buying, look for the CADR because the higher the CADR, the higher the efficiency of the air purifier for a given room size.
Select the air purifier according to the area/room size. Room size is an important factor in choosing the right air purifier.
Larger spaces require larger air purifiers, so make sure you buy one that can be used in 20-
40% bigger than the room, best performance.
The choice of air purifiers also depends on the type of room.
When buying a bedroom, choose an air purifier with less noise so you can sleep with peace of mind.
For the living room, the purifier can have variable settings that you can change or reduce when there is no one in the room.
Customer service and WarrantyEvery air purifier will need to be replaced after 12 to 18 months.
After making sure-
The sales service of your product is reasonable, so the replacement is fast and easy.
In addition, your purifier is a huge investment for your family, so make sure you have a long-term warranty on the product to prevent manufacturing defects.
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