kirilian photography - small metal plate

by:ShunDing     2019-12-07
kirilian photography  -  small metal plate
There is a halo around everyone's body.
Some people can interpret a halo without Kirlian photography.
Others like to use the Kirlian camera, which can take a snapshot of the Halo very precisely.
There is no right or wrong way to read the halo.
However, it is always helpful to have an alternative approach.
Ryan imaging, named after Xie Miao Ryan, was accidentally discovered in 1937.
In order to take the Kirlian image, a person is placed on a photo board far away from certain electrodes.
Then connect another electrode with the person.
An image is burned on the camera board.
Kirlian refers to the image taken as the "life energy" of the object, also known as the halo.
Scientists call this effect a corona discharge.
Anything from inanimate objects to any living species can be photographed.
Even a place has energy and therefore a halo.
If you're looking at a property, this is another way to analyze the energy around this place.
Kirlian photography, both technical and equipment, has experienced many stages of development and upgrades over the years.
AuraCam 6000 makes color pictures that show people who are superimposed together with brightly colored light clouds around them.
To be taken by the AuraCam picture, the person sits on the mirror, puts his hand on the mirror and obtains the electronic image results including the halo.
However, the camera is not needed in order to shoot the halo.
A photographic film can be placed on a special metal plate.
You can then place people or objects on top of the movie.
Apply high voltage current to the plate.
The discharge between the object and the plate is recorded on the film.
This is a good technique for small objects, but the camera is more practical for large objects and geographical locations.
Expert explanations such as color and grain reason spirit, spirit or aura reader in Kirlian image or aura.
This can provide information about the subject's emotional, mental and physical health. Mr.
Kirlian believes that these images can predict the health of the body and emotions and can diagnose possible diseases more easily.
Caution is required when using any tool that predicts the future.
Of course, Kirlian photography can help get more details about a topic.
However, as an independent technique, I would never recommend it because there is limited research in the field of photography divination in Kirlian.
For example, if a person is diagnosed with a specific health condition, he cannot go back and take a picture of the person.
It's too late.
However, you can take a picture of the person, review the aura and start a file, take a picture every once in a while to see if there is any change in the aura.
This type of research needs to be done with some people for quite a long time to get reliable results.
In my personal opinion, I think Kirlian photography is a very good tool that can be included in mind reading.
However, for a psychic, it is limited to rely solely on the image of Killian.
I do like the idea that a person is able to take images of the halo for reading, as it helps the psychiatrist to give the client more details that may be relevant to their current situation.
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