live in your minivan - metal badge and button

by:ShunDing     2019-08-04
live in your minivan  -  metal badge and button
The Dodge RV is a model 1984 minivan made by Chrysler.
The introduction of its long wheelbase, known as the caravan in 1987, was slightly modified.
The RV was a branch of the 1974 prototype, known at the time as "maxivan", and Henry Ford II rejected it when Lee Lacco proposed to be made by Ford Motor.
Lococca came up with the concept in helping the struggling Chrysler recovery at the time.
Before officially marking the RV and its cousin traveler, it was named the t1 15 minivan.
Motorcade and urban and rural are the main entrances to the Chrysler minivans competition.
The 2008 model is a surprisingly comfortable travel companion.
In terms of engine power, there are 3. 3L, 3. 8L and 4.
0L single top cam aluminum (SOHC)
V6 variant of RV. The smaller 3. Flex V6 is a flex-fuel (E85 ethanol-
Hybrid engine enabled)
With the revolutionary 41 te 4-
Automatic speed transmission. The larger 3.
8L and more powerful 4.
0L SOHC engine with capacity of 251 hp and state-of-the-art 6-
Automatic speed transmission.
The highly variable transmission system allows powerful engines to optimize fuel consumption by minimizing engine overrun.
The RV is properly described as an extension of your own living room.
This model is highly designed to achieve the highest level of functionality within it.
It is designed like an organizer to provide the right storage space for your needs on the go. An eye-popping "in-
"Floor storage" makes it an undercover truck where you can carry completely concealed cargo.
Head of trash can also in action
There is plenty of room for your needs while traveling, and a DVD flat screen that can easily be folded up to accommodate the spacious interior.
The advanced center console can travel like a 707 business class airline.
There are rules for placing teacup everywhere.
The side console is clearly wide and equipped with all these spaces
Make your trip very comfortable.
Even the lunch box fits well in a compartment on one side.
Even a specially designed space for your umbrella, wallet, mobile phone and everything.
The back seat can be turned into a child's mobile library because there are enough storage boxes for books.
The front console is ergonomic and the position of the transmission lever is unique until the front console, thus saving a lot of floor space in the front.
Provide enough space for other items, such as dvd discs, folders, notebooks, glasses, and almost all the gadgets that people may and may not need at all.
There is even a regulation for a hanger, so don't steal the space behind the passenger's grip.
The side door is fully automated, it will open and close with a single push of the button, and the door lock will lock automatically.
So protect the electronic key with the Dodge fleet key chain.
The chrome, metal and leather variety of this stunning main ornament proudly showcases the Dodge ram head logo.
Be careful, however, as Dodge badges are reported to be steaming in the eyes of thieves.
In fact, it has been confirmed that the male sheep head aluminum badge stolen from the hood of the car is more popular than the Mercedes-Benz three. striped star.
Choose to show off the stylist's keychain.
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