make a wooden nameplate - laser engraved name plate

by:ShunDing     2019-10-28
make a wooden nameplate  -  laser engraved name plate
It seems that everyone must have a name in a business environment.
But the name plate provided by the company is usually a little lame.
There is a way to design a unique, handsome nameplate yourself.
This nameplate is made of wood, it gives a feeling of art, but it is very professional and suitable.
You can pick a font for yourself and maybe add an icon as well.
Laser Etcher corelldraw WoodI is made in Techshop!
Close, you will want to decide the size of the whole thing.
For various reasons (
Part of the reason is that the 24 "x12" board is not actually 24x12 ")
I made my brand name. 8”x1.
9 "-just a little smaller than 8" x2 ", leaving room for cutting wood on all sides. Create a box (
Box tools--
Tool 7 on the left, shaped like a square)
Correct size.
Please note that no matter what size you choose, the entire nameplate will be the size of this box.
There is nothing outside this box (
It will be cut off).
Make sure the line is the hair line so it is cut instead of etched and there is no filler (
You can do this by using alt-setting object properties
Enter or use the outline and fill tool on the left hand side, they look like a pen tip and bucket).
The nameplate we made is a white letter in a dark background.
On the wood, the etched part is dark, so we want to make a black box that is etched around our characters.
The box should be smaller than the cut box, so there is a border.
I like the 1/10 border around it, but it's just an arbitrary number.
I made my box 7. 7”x1. 8”.
Set the box to have no outline, instead there is a solid fill in black.
Put the new box on the old one.
Select text tool (
The 11 th tool on the left that looks like A or F8)
And type the name.
Select the text and change the font and size (
I love Lucinda calligraphy and most people's names work well under 55 or 60 pt types)
And make it bold (
I recommend it)
You can use italics if you like.
For Mona Lisa, I added it to 72 because the name is very short.
For long names, you need to make it smaller, maybe 48 or even 40.
Select it now and use the fill tool (
Tool 18, looks like a paint bucket)
Set the fill to fill evenly and the color to white.
It is important that names appear.
If you can't see it, select the etching box and then arrange->order-
> Press the etching box behind the name at the back of the page.
Center the letters in the other two boxes (
Select all, then click "c", then click "e", Center all horizontally and vertically).
If you just want to have a name on your name board, you don't need to do anything else, but it's time if you want some kind of graphic now.
Any white part will be raised, any black part will be etched, some dark.
Now that we 've taken pains to build the coreldraw file, the rest is for you to etching it.
I hope you know what to do (
Or in other words, "This is an exercise for students ").
I left you two CorelDraw files that I came up;
You can edit them (He told me now! ).
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