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System Control software javelin Electronics introduced Quest Plus for mid
Scale of security and monitoring system applications.
The system uses on-to provide control over all system operations and programming functions
Interactive menu on screen.
The operator selects the control of the camera, monitor, alarm or relay.
Quest Plus is able to handle video switches up to 200 inputs with 40 outputs, 600 alarm inputs, 600 relays-
Contact output, 200 pan/tiltzoom camera and 10 operator controllers.
The Quest Plus software runs on a 1-megabyte iosx/25 mhz computer platform (MB)of RAM, a 40-
MB hard drive, a 3. 5-inch 1. 44-
MBfloppy disk drive, text keyboard, mouse, two serial and one parallel/output tank and one 14-
Display in color or monochrome. Time-
Failure record of HS5424U time-
The failure recorder was launched by the professional electronics department of Mitsubishi Electronics.
Its video has a horizontal resolution of over 320 lines in black and white and over 240 lines in color.
It also has audio, frequency response from 10 hz to 10 khz in both cases
Hour recording mode.
The alarm recording time can be set manually or 7 intervals can be set between 15 seconds and 10 minutes. The HS-
542U 2500 provides input for the alarm signal, which automatically writes the index signal to the video tape whenever an alarm signal is received.
The VCR will then record the duration of the previous selection.
The recorder is able to automatically search for all alert records or individual alerts.
Boss of automatic patrol system--
Model 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003--
Received FactoryMutual (FM)-
Approved after passing a series of strict certifications.
The 2000 series system interface is manufactured by Morse Watchman, with IBM-
A compatible computer capable of generating travel reports and archived information.
It also features a self-driving function that displays information about the next stop.
Also approved in this test car reporting station 95-4-
2000 for printing reports directly from the interface
Charger for serial printer.
KeypadInterlink Electronics Introduces the FSR rugged keyboard, a new collection of tough flat-panel keyboards made of stainless steel or hard plastic.
Keyboards are made to withstand repeated abuse, and their designs do not contain moving parts that wear or break.
Behind the keyboard design is Interlink's patented forced resistance technology, which combines variable force sensing with high reliability.
The keyboard uses an array of these sensors under a rigid panel to detect changes in finger pressure applied to the front of the panel.
The smart electronics explains the change of the sensor and provides the corresponding switch output.
The keyboard can be designed to meet most shape requirements.
Wall cables are now the modular system 85 and segmented wall cabinets of WinstedCorporation, which are listed by UL, are a component system that includes vertical racks that can be arranged in any integrated configuration and are designed according to strict standards.
The segmented wall cabinet is made of heavy duty-duty 16-
Rail Steel 1/2-inch,3/4-inch, and 1-
One-inch electric elimination.
Observation System vs3405r is an observation system for Philips Consumer Electronics, which can accommodate six cameras. standard 110-voltline.
It is designed for demanding observation, security and monitoring applications.
The vs3405r is suitable for large convenience stores, service stations, hotels, hospitals, warehouses, parking lots and small manufacturing facilities.
With the Philips line amplifier, cameras and displays can be located at up to 600 feet or up to 1,800 feet of each other.
The non-negligible blanking time for both systems is less than a second, manually or automatically switching from one camera to another.
The system provides any preference for programmable camera sorting with intervals between 4 and 60 seconds.
It also features alarm and interactive functions.
Distributed lighting control unit control system of International Co. , Ltd.
, Added a new lighting control unit to its company's I/NET 7700 Lan (LAN)-
Based on building automation product line. The user-
Friendly lighting control unit with specific applications, PC-
Display based on editor and graphics.
Can support 30-
Two lighting areas or circuit groups can be purchased by themselves or as part of an integrated environment and auxiliary control system.
New passive infrared detectors (PIR)
The detector that allows the installer to preview what the detector will see has been announced by interactive technologies.
The sharpshooter is wireless and has a full transmitter and long
So it can be installed anywhere.
It also has a preview mirror that shows that the entire lens is covered by pir's lens, enabling the installer to spot potential problems that may cause false positives.
With a special shield kit, installers can exclude these problem areas from the PIR's field of view without affecting the overall protection parameters.
The sharpshooter has a variety of tuning lenses, such as the full 90-
The degree of cleaning in the protected area;
Pet lens with slow motion 3 feet above the floor; a wide-
Angle fish eye lens; a long-
90 feet m distance spotlight lens for precise detection, narrow-
Band curtains with 40-feet floor-to-ceiling sweep.
Teleview, a secret video and audio surveillance system, announced the TV5000 secret video and audio surveillance system.
The system provides users with automatic monitoring functions that are fully portable and easy to use.
The automatic controller is a microprocessor.
Fully control the camcorder to provide device-based for timing interval recording, response switching, and remote control.
There are several concealed shells, but the standard system is included in the clock that is hung on the wall or used independently.
There is a color camera and all other automatic operating equipment inside the clock.
Safety Technology International Limited, (STI)
Connect the passive infrared motion detection device with the music chime receiver to introduce its new alarm system Music chime receiver.
The secret to the success of the combination is to install aminitransmitter inside the motion detector.
When the harmless motion detector senses the infrared rays produced by the body's heat, it sends a radio signal to the music chime receiver, which can insert any power outlet at a distance of 75 feet.
When anyone enters the monitoring area, the receiver plays one of the four preselected or two tones.
New HS2500 indoor monitoring housing for camera case pelpelpelco is available in case of factory or no factory-
Wired speakers for audio monitoring are installed-
Other options include a heater kit with constant temperature control and a smoked window.
Standard features include a piston
Switch type. A 1/4 -inch-thick impact-
The Lexan window provides further protection when the optics are clear. Fiber SR-
2000 is a fiber that can now be obtained from Meridian Technologies
Opticcommunications command center in EIA 19 "x 5 1/4" sub-package for up to 18 cards and a 250-watt switcher.
The center features SpectraSmart, a microprocessor-
Preventive maintenance network management system based on graphic display and auxiliary keyboard.
Up to nine extensions can be controlled by one SR2000master.
Security software security dynamics(
SDI released version 2.
0 of its ACM/5100 products.
Patent proprietary technology based on SID, theACM/5100 actively identifies users of digital equipment companies (DEC)
The VAX/VMS system ensures that company information resources are accessible only to authorized individuals.
The software has three authentication modes, or a way to identify the user logging into the aVAX/VMS system.
ACM/5100 version 2.
0 was developed to take advantage of the new security program built into the December new version of VMS operating system VMS 5. 5. ACM-5100 version 2.
0 allows the system administrator to use several identification and authentication factors, including SDI user ID, VMS password or PIN, and random code displayed by SDI patent security ID card, A security token carried by a user authorized to access a protected system. Time-
Timing video recorderGYYR is now providing the first time in the security industry --
Built-in lapsevideo recorderin quad.
Called TLC1800X-
DQ, therecorder has a function that allows the operator to scroll around the screen for electronic amplification.
This feature is available when recording or watching video pictures.
The ability of the recorder to record eight is further enhanced
256 lines of deep gray.
By contrast, six
Bit depth, Level 64.
The competition system provides gray.
Record videos in 60 fields per second/live on all quadrants--
4 times the rate of other quads records.
New concept in metal/weapon detector walking
EG & G Astrophysics introduces safe shielding through metal detection.
Arch, known as ARC rie ARC-
1, designed for trained security personneltime operators.
Without complex programming, light-weight items are easy to assemble, disassemble and transport.
Security Electronics Announces SE 422, an access control unit and system interface.
SE 422 is designed to meet applications that need to connect remote facilities back to the central security management system.
It is designed to meet his needs for companies, military facilities, airports and campuses
It contains the style of several small satellite buildings.
SE 422 enables a remote building to transmit intrusion, activity, or alarm via a call or answer host.
Laptop Security-It, Inc.
Recently announced the laptop of its kababy pioneer security system.
The system is connected to the screw holes of any parallel, serial, VGA or RGB ports available at the back of the computer.
There is no electrical contact with the interface port or its pin.
The system can be used in office and temporary situations as the kit provides non-permanent anchoring.
Dex fires-Safe in-the-door key vault.
Fire services, security tours, police and maintenance
Safety Master Key will provide fast access to all fires
Safekey vault in a specific location.
Building keys are safely stored in their personal fire. Safe.
This eliminates the need to organize inventory and carry building key rings. OneFire-
The safety Master Key will provide access to multiple buildings.
Access control and monitoring system Super Visions XL security monitoring and access control system byLitton polyscience uses the latest computer technology specifically designed to meet the needs of security practitioners.
For ease of operation in an integrated system, the system includes a window architecture.
The icon provides quick access to the program, and the window architecture uses pull-down and pop-up menus.
The system runs under virtual machines and UNIX operating systems, and uses SQL to communicate in multiple formats at the same time. Back-
Up power supply software House announces its apS advanced power system to provide uninterrupted power to the software company's apC intelligent access control and alarm monitoring panel.
The power supply interfaces directly with apC and immediately notifies the host system of AC failure and battery voltage, while the LED indicator on the apS cabinet displays AC and battery status locally.
ApS features well-designed circuit protection designed for easy installation using apC.
Metal name barsV. H.
Blackinton & Co. , Inc.
Announced a new project to provide top selection
Excellent metal name bar.
The gold or silver name strip is provided in a polished or brushed finish with a clutchback or secure snap attachment.
There are six styles to choose from and they can be customized with a line or two black or blue lettering engraved.
Safety padlock applications 71B/81B/91B padlocks from Best Lock Corporation have case and padlocks specially plated for corrosion resistance.
Shacklesresist cutters and hacksaw attacks.
The housing is hardened stainless steel alloy.
The core of armor surface protection with high safety interchanges.
The core has special pickup and tampering
Features of resistance.
The internal parts are nickel-cadmium plating for corrosion resistance. High-security pad-
The lock requires a special long blade key.
They may type in any current or new best Master Key System. High-
Frequency RF proximity system created for fleet monitoring, institutional access control, warehouse control, and airline safety and control, Hughes certified equipment introduced MegaProx high-
RF frequency (RF)
Approach the system. It provides 20-
With passive label and 50-
The foot range of the activity label.
The label for the system is neither easy to install, sturdy and durable industrial housing nor a version similar to the size of a credit card.
Labels can be attached to a large area of metal and use adjacent people and animals while maintaining a proper reading distance.
Tagscan can withstand temperatures up to 400 | Fahrenheit.
The rugged reader is waterproof.
Its standard antenna will read vehicle traffic at speeds of more than 120 miles per hour.
Safety monitoring Electronics Co. , Ltd.
The security system department announced the release of two monitors in its national product line: M900, a9-inch black-and-
White display, and 12-inch black-and-whitemonitor.
Both monitors can reproduce the picture at more than 1,000 resolution.
NTSC 120-all monitors60Hz (V)Hz), andCCIR 220-
Volt/50 hz operation.
M900 can be installed in 19-
Install in rack mounting space using an optional N9RM dual rack.
Berackmounted installation of m101 can be carried out using the N12RM single rack mounting kit.
Cable safety quality data products
Announced personal computer security products. CABLE-
Traps lock the input device cable to the computer or working face.
It can capture up to 5 cables-
Two junior.
Ideal for small and heavy mouse, trackball, handheld scanner and keyboard
With qualtec's dedicated connection system, custom metal packages can be installed at the back of the computer.
Video camera manufacturing has launched an affordable SE360 high-
Low light 1/2 "charging-coupleddevice (CCD)
Black and White cameras.
Se Jingdong models are characterized by the same high
Resolution performance and low light sensitivity. 15 lux atf/1. 4 Portable Video
Target System collaboration
Portable Video launched
SYPIC imaging system.
SYPIC packaging usually exceeds 200.
Computer hardware and video
A 27-pound briefcase is equipped with imaging equipment.
This is achieved by using the world's smallest 386 or optional 486 PC.
Only 4 "x 6" for PC and only 3 for VGA.
6 "x 4", directly clip the cards card on the CPU.
SYPIC allows clips of up to 16 megabytes on RAM and three other clipon attachment cards as well as two 16-
A little full slot makes SYPIC more energetic than many full slotssize systems.
International sports testing equipment safety Technology Co. , Ltd.
The launch of the dangerous plug, a new version of its motion detector equipment, has been announced, both as an alarm and as an alarm.
This model is characterized by low
The battery indicator to ensure the correct operation and rotary installation, so that the device can turn nearly 360 degrees.
Dangerous plugs use harmless motion detectors to sense the infrared rays produced by the body's heat, and an alarm or Bell will be issued once the motion is perceived.
QuadAmerican dynamic released a new quad-core for the economy, ad1473 vquadview me.
The new ad1473 v has the performance of a widely used four-View II with full
Picture update rate
The device also has the same remote control and alarm handling capabilities.
Ad1473 v is suitable for cases where local control is not required.
The device has a second output for remote control of calls.
Using remote insurance, the second output provides the complete
The screen display of any camera or the sequence of all cameras, the sequence may include four displays.
The upgrade of data security and software packages for PC Guardian has been announced to include forced backups.
The new module is a utility that ensures that important data files are backed up, forcing users to save data on a regular basis when using a computer.
The addition of forced backups extends the protection provided by data security Plus.
This virus protection software provides all the necessary elements to make the entire data integrity package.
Compact security video equipment announces its RT-
1095 safety recorderThe RT-
The 1095 is built with excellent portability in a compact lightweight chassisoffing.
The device can be from most 12 V-DC sources. An on-
The board Time, date, and title generator provides accurate event records and makes Scene Recognition easy.
By reducing the recorder to 12 V. DC, the RT-
1095 is the perfect solution for any secret or mobile security installation that requires tape recording. The RT-
1095 can be controlled from front panel or wired remote control.
Alarm records of peripheral product companies
Alarm record preservation system has been introduced (ARKS).
ARKS connect directly to MX-
1000 security communications and control center to continuously record all system activities.
ARKS software runs under Microsoft Windows.
Software development is carried out using Microsoft Windows development systems to ensure full compatibility with current and future PC systems.
ARKStakes advantages of all windows features, allowing the use of multiple windows, pull
Drop-down menu and multi-color graphics for command line.
N-send and receive4700-
The CTR transceiver is the latest company to join the SPREADCOMwireless NorthernComputers spread spectrum access control series.
This provides the costeffective PC-
Access control based on N-4700-
By eliminating the need for a control panel, CTR. The N-4700-
The CTR sends and receives signals from the transmitter and transceiver and is connected to proximity, magnetic stripe and wireless sliding readers, as well as door and window contacts.
With up to 2,000 feet of operations, N-4700-
CTR eliminates costs associated with long distance pull lines.
SPREADCOM is the only wireless technology that allows continuous channel monitoring.
The CTR will provide wireless access control for 64 doors and 5,000 users.
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