metal dog tags Crysis 2 Collectibles: A campaign guide with all collectible locations: Levels 1-7

by:ShunDing     2019-05-28
This Crysis 2 Collection Guide is to help you find New York souvenirs, dog tags, New York car keys and emails directly.You will meet each one in order.With this resource, it should be easy for you to find all the crysis 2 collections.Since there are 19 levels of Crysis 2 activity, the whole guide is divided into three different parts.
To view the collectible location of Crysis 2 for post-8 activity, click on the link below (soon ).Alternatively, if you are new to Crysis 2 activities, please check the beginner article below.Level 1 -2 collection sites;No collectibles at this levelThis is mainly an introduction film.
Level 2 -Collectible locations: New York souvenirs (1), dog tags (1), New York car keys (0), e-commerce-This is the first collection, which is located next to the body of the Prophet at the beginning of the level.Look at the table before you leave the warehouse.-It is very close to the location of the third cell operator.
There is an upright tablet/Ipad in the center of the yard.Go and apply for your first email.-As you force through the security gate into the streets of the financial district, you are close.Find a gift shop on the street.There are souvenirs on the counter;This is a miniature statue of liberty.
---Don't forget the laptop!They are scattered throughout the city, and even though they don't give you the email you want, they will give you more storyline than they don't have them.Possible achievementsLevel 3 -Collectible locations: New York souvenirs (1), dog tags (1), New York car keys (1), e-commerce-It is located at the top of the stairs after you eliminate the enemies in the parking garage.It's right next to the body and rubble at the top of the stairs.
-Enter the crater at the scene of the accident and enter the parking lot.The souvenir is located at the booth that says "24 hours.Parking\".-It's at the end of this level.When you kill the last enemy, go to the bus covered by the American flag.
The dog tag for this level is right at the door on the right, right next to the bin.Just before you leave the underground passage.Possible achievementsLevel 4 -Collectible locations: New York souvenirs (1), dog tags (0), New York car keys (1), e-commerce-This is at the beginning of this level.
When you get to the top of the stairs, start heading north to the small room.Find the graffiti that says "God help us.There is a small model of a New York police cruiser in the corner nearby.-Just before you leave the compound, it will be found near the end of the level.
Once you get to the machine gun turret, start driving south along the barbed cable wall.Turn right at the end.NY car keys are located in the container.Possible achievementsLevel 5 -Collectible locations: New York souvenirs (1), dog tags (1), New York car keys (1), e-commerce-This is the beginning of this level.It is located near abandoned cars on the north side of the free road.
It is directly above two parking signs.
This should help you find it easier.
The key is near the body.
E--This is also the beginning of the level.After entering the warehouse, before you take the elevator, go to the south side of the office downstairs.The room you want is between the two entrances.
Don't forget, E-Mail is on a tablet/Ipad device, not a laptop.-This is in the middle of the "lab mouse" level.This souvenir is a model of the main building in New York, which is located in a room that can only be reached by a hole made by a falling helicopter.
Into that hole, to the second.
Floor, required collection on wooden cases.-This is at the end of the level.After you meet Gould, he will take you to a small room and go to a bigger room.The dog tag is located in a larger room on the shelf close to the window.
It's also near the telescope.
Possible achievementsLevel 6 -Collectible locations: New York souvenirs (1), dog tags (0), New York car keys (1), e-commerce-This is a little bit after the level starts.After falling from the window washing platform, turn left and drive north.The car keys are located on small metal stairs near the door in the corner of the alley.
Easter Eggs!!-There are three Easter eggs in the middle of the "gatekeeper" level.When you jump from the room to the square full of rubble, the eggs are at the top of the stairs under the bushes.Not an ice cream that can be collected, but it's still cool.
-This is closer to the end of the level.
After you destroyed the ammunition depot.
Find the entrance to the main church, walk in, then look to the right and see the small model cathedral sitting on the carton.E--This is the end of the level after unlocking the escape tunnel.But before entering it, enter the orange command and control trailer near the church cemetery.
After cutting off the power to the gate to the secret tunnel, you will be able to get this emailmail.Possible achievementsLevel 7 -Collectible locations: New York souvenirs (1), dog tags (1), New York car keys (1), e-commerce-The Crysis 2 collection is about to begin.It's hard to miss because it's right outside.
Walk to the street and cross the intersection to the West.The collection is located next to plush animals on a raised platform.-The next three collections of the walking dead level are close to the end of the level.
This is at the counter of the security office.Just before you get on the elevator.The project is also a glowing red color.E--It is located in the same room as the NY souvenir above, on the tablet/Ipad next to the computer monitor.Please make sure to download before using the elevator.
-Ready to find the next Crysis 2 collection when you leave the elevator.Skip the red rope to get the dog tag located on the floor of the safe.Possible achievementsThank you for reading!!!!.
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