metal dog tags Who Invented The First TV Remote Control and When Was It Invented?

by:ShunDing     2019-05-28
For years, I thought it was my father who invented remote control.He has three remote controls, all controlled by voice.Very high tech.He doesn't even need to say the channel number.
He would simply say "wear Star Trek ".
\ ", Like magic, it will appear.
He also had the command of potato chips and lawn mowing.Incredible technology!Okay, so it's not all magic.As the oldest of these remotes, it's usually that I drag myself off the couch to change channels, or do whatever he needs to do.
I only recently discovered that my child didn't know that there was life before the remote control.Or cable TV.Oh, the fear on their faces when I tell them the past days.There are only a few TV channels that you have to select manually and they all stop playing at midnight!AAAH!I think they had a nightmare that night.
I decided it was time to teach them (and myself) the origins of some of the devices we used to in our lives.At the end of 1940, Eugene McDonald Jr.The founder and president of Zenith Radio corporation believes that if viewers don't have to watch so many ads, television (the new technology at the time) will be greatly improved.Obviously, from the beginning, commercial advertising is the root of TV viewing.
McDonald's asked his team of engineers to develop a way to block annoying ads.They are proud of him in the presentation of lateral thinking.1950 introduced lazy bones remote control to the public.
The new device can actually change the channel from a comfortable sofa instead of simply blocking ads.The lazy bones consist of hand-held controls connected to the cable.The cable is connected in turn to the motor on the TV.
Depending on the button you press, the motor can turn the tuner clockwise or counter-clockwise.There is also a power button for turning the unit on and off.This revolutionary device was very popular at first.
But consumers soon began to complain about the travel dangers caused by cables.Mr.McDonald's is not completely satisfied either."Lazy Bones" is indeed innovation, but it still does not mute commercial advertising.
Of course, you can change the channel, but you can also find ads on the next channel.Go back to the drawing.In 1955, Eugene Polly, who also works for Zenith, designed a flash device.Polley placed the photo unit in the corner of the TV.
These are activated with a very directional flashlight.These sensors control the power supply, rotate the tuner dial, and finally turn the sound on and off.The first mute button!About 30,000 Flashmatics were sold in the first year.
However, direct sunlight and other light will soon be foundThese sensors can be activated accidentally by the launch device.McDonald's knew they were on the right track, so he called for better design.Tian Ding engineer, doctor.Robert Adler uses ultrasonic technology to create the first truly practical wireless remote control.
He has since been touted throughout the industry as the father of remote control technology, although Polly tends to disagree.Zenith Space Command remote control was launched in 1956.A simple handheld device is similar to what we know today.
There are four small aluminum bars of different lengths inside, and when hit, they make a specific sound frequency.The blow is done by a small hammer connected to the spring, which is triggered by four control buttons.Button controls power supply, volume on and off, and up and down channels.
It does have a disadvantage.
It is occasionally known that it reacts to other metal sounds, such as a jingle key or dog tag.The sound of a small hammer knocking on the baton produced a nickname that was passed on from generation to generation.Maybe you are one of the millions of people who call your remote control a "click-.
This is an expensive feature because it needs to add a special receiver to the TV.The price of the set has increased by 30% and it is still selling crazily.For 25 years, it has been in various forms, and it did not appear at the scene until it was in its early 80 s.
With the popularity of this technology, its application is also increasing.Today, it's hard for you to find a TV that doesn't include a remote control as a standard device.Even more than the standard applications of TV, dvd player, etc.
Daily electrical appliances and equipment have become far away.The mess at my house at the moment includes box fans, ceiling fans, space heaters, and the list is very long.When you approach, there is a tap on and even the toilet will flush itself when you leave.
I saw a man on TV who actually designed a remote control fridge to throw beer at him with a remote control.I am trying to reject the spread of the remote because I believe it has spoiled us and it will fuel laziness.If it weren't for my constant push, the main source of my child's exercise would be in the form of finding the flash they lost.
I can continue on with this for a few hours, but I need to find the remote launcher for my car so I can get off work!
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