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by:ShunDing     2019-05-31
Have you ever thought about where people start sending wedding invitations?They actually started as early as the 12 th century, before the invention of a printing machine that has been popular in history.At this time, the way people invite others to the wedding is 100% word of mouth.Not only did they invite people they knew, although the town was a little small at the time, so they might know a lot of people.
They will walk as loudly as possible on the streets of the city to announce their wedding, and anyone who can hear this announcement will be automatically invited to the wedding.Obviously, the wedding was not that expensive.The main problem in the Middle Ages, other than not having any mass printing power, is that most people don't even read.
Usually, monks are hired to make wedding announcements and instead of writing a lot of words on the family badge, they let people know who is going to get married.That's why you see so many cracks or tattoos on many invitations today.The badge was not only used for performance because it looked beautiful, but it played a good role at the time.
Also, in the Middle Ages, announcements show where you are on the social ladder, as they are usually sent only to the highest class.By the early 1600 s, the printing press finally arrived and could be used for wedding invitations.However, it was just used to announce the marriage in the newspaper because the ink was a bit dirty and didn't seem to fit the invitation well.
Ludwig von Segan created metal plate prints in the 1600 s and made it possible for ordinary people to send out their wedding invitations.Metal plate engravers are basically like a large rubber stamp you might use today.There is only one side of the metal plate carving, which is the fact that the ink will be applied.
By putting a paper towel on the ink, the application was helped and greatly reduced.Not only does this help with stains, but it looks great as well.Finally, people start creating their own invitations handmade 1900 s and you can buy bulk for your wedding invitations.
They usually only send invitations a few weeks before the wedding.The double envelope was sent here.People will use two envelopes because it's rough to send Matthew and it could be destroyed if you only have one.Now you may look at wedding invitations a little differently and realize that there is a lot of history and reasoning behind every little piece of classic wedding invitations, rather than taking it for granted how easy it is to send an invitation.
Today you can easily print and mail your wedding invitations with beautiful paper, ribbons, fonts and packaging
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