metal name plate What Are Types of Intaglio Printing?

by:ShunDing     2019-06-01
Both Rembrandt and Pablo Picasso use a concave version, a printing technique that applies ink to metal plates with images on the surface.In this way, the artists apply the ink to the sunken area of the plate, not the top surface.Then press the plate on wet paper so that the paper can pick up the ink from the recessed area.
The concave print usually has a plate mark, which is caused by the edge of the plate pressed to the paper.In addition, the ink dries in a thick layer above the surface of the paper, giving a sense of texture.By carving, artists cut images into metal plates by hand with a sharp tool called burin or graver.
The artist can change the depth and thickness of the cut Image lines.This affects the final print on the paper.In order to create the curve, the artist holds the engraving tool in place and rotates the plate.
After applying the ink to the groove, the surface is wiped clean before the plate is pressed on the paper.In this method, the artist uses corrosive liquids such as acid--Called media.-Cut to the metal plateTo control the action of acid, the plate is covered with acidResistant substances-Known as the groundArtists create images by drawing lines on the ground and exposing metal.
The plate is then immersed in a medium inserted into the exposed metal.The artist can increase the strength of the lines by extending the length of the plate.Artists use aquatint, another etching process, to create areas where shades are shaded rather than lines.
Instead of completely covering the plate with the ground, the artist sprinkled resin particles on the surface.When the plate is immersed in acid, the acid enters the space between the resin.The ink is applied to the lines and cracks produced by the action of acid.
The final print looks very similar to the watercolor wash.With mezzotint, artists use a tool called a rocker to rough the entire surface of the plate.If ink is used at this stage, the printing will be pure black as the entire surface of the plate will hold the ink.
Instead, the artist uses a scraper to smooth the area of the plate.These areas will appear lighter when ink is made, because there will be less ink there.Mezzotint creates a tone area that looks very soft.
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