moving home, nato closes door on storied decision-making 'room 1' - name plate etching

by:ShunDing     2019-11-19
moving home, nato closes door on storied decision-making \'room 1\'  -  name plate etching
BRUSSELS (Reuters)-Its tobacco-
The brown chair is worn out and the beige carpet is worn out
Outdated, but NATO has made a nostalgic farewell to the decision.
When the council moves to its new headquarters on Friday, it makes room.
From the 1967 call for easing relations with the Soviet Union to the recent decision to intervene militarily in the Balkans, Libya and Afghanistan, Room 1 at NATO headquarters has been at the center of Western foreign policy.
Before moving the new glass next month. and-
Steel Palace near NATO Secretary General
General yens Stoltenberg likened it to stopping a warship.
Stoltenberg told 29 foreign ministers, including the new US foreign minister: "Today, we have dissolved this Chamber . "S.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited NATO headquarters for the first time.
New NATO home with Amphitheater-
Smooth black like council roomand-
Gray cladding and latest audio
Visual technology, it will be difficult to match its predecessorCold War drama.
In 1990, Helmut Kohl, then German Prime Minister, drove from Bonn to Brussels, creating an unexpected third.
In the German unified room, an hour's request was made to the assembled ambassador.
A year later, the villain, vazraf Havel
The Communist playwright, who later became president of the Czech Republic, made an extraordinary defense for NATO, which heralds the enthusiasm of the former Soviet satellite for joining NATO.
At a dramatic moment, the NATO secretary general
General Manfred Woerner, who died of bowel cancer, spoke in the conference room when he was discharged from hospital and still insisted on medical treatment, pushing NATO to support the United States. N.
The Power of Rest
In Yugoslavia.
As NATO's role shifts from local defense to an overseas expedition, the forum provides political control space to stop the bombing campaign of ethnic cleansing in the Balkans and is part of Western efforts to combat Islamic militants.
Another Secretary.
General Javier Solana, after convincing Russia to sign a cooperation treaty in 1997, won a rare standing ovation in an otherwise melancholy chamber, although the agreement was met by Moscow's occupation of Crimea in 2014.
2001 day after the incident
On the 11 th, the attacks on New York and Washington, in the same room, the league for the first and only time triggered the fifth common defense clause.
It can be said that the most striking moment in NATO knowledge is not in Room 1, but in a larger conference room called Room 16, which at least marks the end of the Soviet Union diplomatically.
At a policy meeting in that room between NATO's special envoy and Moscow on 1991, the Soviet ambassador interrupted the meeting and answered the phone call from President Boris Yeltsin.
Half an hour later, he returned and asked to replace the Russian flag and nameplate with the Russian flag and nameplate, as the Soviet Union had just disintegrated.
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