name badge manufacturers By hook or by crook, no parting with books

by:ShunDing     2019-06-01
If I open a library, the bookshelves will be sorted according to the different stages of my life.One shelf, maybe two, will be dedicated to 15-year-Old Me, a kind heart, bad hair and ugly white savior complex Emily.There will be stories on the shelves of white women living with unknown African nomads.
It tells the story of former UN peacekeepers and women singing villages for prosperity.There will be several music biographies on the shelves.Kurt Cobain's book will be very distinctive.
Scar tissue of Anthony keidiceAnd, of course, all of me --TIME's favorite short story, breakfast in Tiffany.Some of Stephen King's (OK, a lot ).Several Rolling Stones and National Geographic magazines.During the few painful months I spent in college, there will be collections of essays, writing books and unopened textbooks.
A lonely Indian guide might sit next to them.Sexual Politics of Meat.Shantaram.Last shelfRecent purchaseMost of them are unread.Here will be the book that should be read, but it fester beside my bed and stubbornly plays on page 40.
Books such as Christine Lamb's farewell to Kabul, Paul Barry's breaking news and Quentin belesford's Gunners rise and fall.My diaries -Even I'm personally embarrassed to read.Will be locked in a small room in the back, protected by locks, bears and dogs with bees in their mouths.
I won't open a library.
I'm moving.
I have too many books.
The box and the box of the damn thing.
"Why not throw away some ?" After I complained for a few hours, the aunt pointed out reasonably.I blinked twice.I did not think of this idea.I recorded that box of memories and started with the next one.So I packed it.Old garbage and new garbage in one box after another.
What I really can't do without, what I can't do.My new place will not be decorated like my old place, but will be decorated in sequinsI will carry the printed Shiva with the mosaic.Sad little girls with big eyes and wicker baskets will also come, and velvet prints from an Aboriginal woman my best friend bought me in Sheffield will also come.
I can't put things down, which means my new land will hold my ex.Boyfriend's ticket stubThis means that I have served at McDonald's for five years but have kept my name badge all the time.This means that I kept the shawls I bought in India, which were tattered by the moths I hid in Launceston.
The list is still going on: Get the brochure free of charge at the country's kiosks and events I don't want to forget.Newspaper clippings for glossy magazinesFive boots I never wore.Two hot water bottles for one body.I don't have hair anymore. There are thousands.The second pair of sneakers gave me no excuse to continue living a shocking sedentary life.
Even this deep-feeling scorecard understands that the item must eventually be selected --To some extent, I have let go.But if there is one thing I can be sure of, that is: the books will be with me after I collect the plastic bags, and I think it looks interesting, the plastic bags are filled with garbage and brought to the top
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