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by:ShunDing     2019-08-02
name plate necklace  -  name plate manufacturer
The nameplate can be marked with a line of text or the entire address.
On the other hand, the nameplate necklace cannot exceed one line of text.
Usually this is the name of the user.
The nameplate necklace can be customized, typical or fashionable.
Gold necklaces are usually about 2 inch long.
They have a clutch with gold chains.
There are many designs for famous brand necklaces.
Some expensive diamonds may be embedded inside. Twenty-
4 karat gold is the purest form of gold, but this purity is difficult to use for decorations, as gold is very soft at this stage.
The gold purity used in the name necklace is usually marked near the clutch of the name necklace.
However, the evaluation of gold ornaments depends not only on the purity of gold, but also on the complexity of the design and craftsmanship.
You can also name it with a silver necklace.
There are about 93% silver in the real silver.
The remaining 7% is made of other metals, used to harden the decoration and form the shape required for the decoration.
The Mark of real silver is 925 or. 925.
This is recognized by the international community.
If this mark is not mentioned, then the purity of silver is in doubt.
The real silver will turn black or dim without proper care.
Also should not be cleaned with rough material.
Gold and Silver name necklaces can be washed with soft detergent, warm water or gold or silver.
But be careful because the chemicals used to clean these items may damage the gems on the name necklace.
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