newton man arrested in plaque thefts - metal plaque engraving

by:ShunDing     2019-11-18
newton man arrested in plaque thefts  -  metal plaque engraving
A Newton man is believed to be responsible for a series of bronze plaques stolen from parks and buildings in Boston, Belmont and Newton, who was arrested on Tuesday night. Vincent P.
The 52-year-old Cedrone was arrested by Newton police around 10 p. m. m.
In his home, officials found seven metal plaques, six of which belonged to Boston, according to the district attorney's office.
District Attorney Steven T said in a statement
Sierra Leone described the theft as "brazen" and said Cedrone had targeted the sale of public property in the three communities.
He estimated the loss to be tens of thousands of dollars.
According to the authorities, on March 25, it was reported that a copper plaque worth $15,000 had been stolen from Newton's apartment and Cedrone became a suspect.
The next day, officials at Newton Entertainment told police that a copper plaque on the statue of Johnny Kelly, a Boston Marathon runner, was missing.
After the report, a Newton police officer recalled that three days ago, he pulled the drone over a car after finding a large sign sticking out of the car's trunk.
Worried about a fall, the official said he had stopped Cedrone from asking about the sign.
Cedrone told police he found it in the middle of the road and carried it away, hoping it would be valuable.
Authorities said that on Saturday, when the police spoke to Cedrone at his house, he claimed that he had found the sign and sold it to a salvage yard for $50.
Belmont police believe that Cedrone was seen in a surveillance video of a bronze plaque in front of the Homer municipal building in central Belmont on March 21, when he left in a white sedan.
Cedrone was summoned yesterday at the Newton District Court.
He pleaded not guilty to two charges of receiving stolen property worth more than $250.
He was ordered to be detained on bail in cash of $2,500 and will return to court on May 10.
He was also suspected of stealing four other metal plaques from a pillar and rock near the commuter railway bridge in the Belmont Waverley Square area sometime this month, said Belmont police Lieutenant Richard sanjello.
Santangelo estimates that the replacement value of the Homer Building plaque is $1,900, saying that Cedrone may intend to sell the metal marks to the scrap yard in exchange for cash.
"I don't know what else you can do to them," he said . ".
The pure plaque is just the latest in a series of historical signs theft in the suburbs.
At the end of January, Lexington police found a bronze plaque on a large stone on the battle green space.
The logo is to commemorate a historic site of the bell tower used at the beginning of the American Revolution in April 1775.
Sergeant Lexington Chris Barry said thieves targeting potential valuables such as bronze plaques or copper ditches and pipes have become "common problems" in many communities ".
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