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by:ShunDing     2019-05-31
New businesses need a logo with style and easy to identify.A good nameplate is an extension of a good logo.Manufacturers often try to imitate the nameplate design of the most famous brands in their respective industries, and often pay a lot of price: quality design.
While a brand may have a strong identity and quality Legacy, a closer look at its brand technology may find conceptual flaws that new businesses must avoid.Take Marshall amplification as an example, the golden standard for rock sound: its nameplate is one of the white cheap plastic nameplates under the name of the cursive company.In imitation of the nameplate with poor design and structure such as villalls, competitors look cheap and lack cutting edge;For these start-up products and companies, it is difficult to stand out.
So what are the rules for good nameplate design?Use media suitable for product packaging.Running labels, even Dome labelsof-the-They don't talk to any authority.Three-However, the size plastic or metal nameplate not only shows your brand visually, but also allows users to really reach out to your brand, creating a heartfelt, multiSensory attachment between product and consumer.
3-custom optionsD.
plastic and metal nameplates allow greater design control in the configuration of the nameplates.Give your copy/logo space to breathe.On the nameplate, as on the print page, the blank is a key part of the design.Make sure there is enough background so the background adds depth to the logo.
The right perspective between replication and background is the key.Emphasis on color.A nameplate with color spots, not just black and silver, will always have more pop music.But brand of monochrome.e.black-on-The black or contrasting shades of silver are still iconic and cool.
Supplement your copy with the appropriate background design.For example, a square corner background works best with a block style font and script or an italicized copy, and works better with a radius corner or an ellipse and a circle.You should always arrange your copy with several different background shapes to get the best aesthetic of the nameplate/logo.
Mixing materials and manufacturing processes.To make your nameplate/logo stand out in the manufacture of the nameplate, mix media and materials.Especially those with four people.The color complex design looks great on the part of the baffle or nameplate.
When you combine the color of the dome into a molded or metal nameplate, the brand presents a completely different look.The molded logo in the etched metal nameplate can also add splash and vice versa.For additional information about nameplate and custom design examples, please visit http: // www.
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