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p.b.a. to defy name‐tag rule  -  name plate online
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Ken McFeeley, chairman of the patrol Charity Association, yesterday directed 27,000 police officers to defy the department order and start labeling their uniforms next Thursday. The P. B. A.
Head claims the apparent cause of contempt for Police Chief Michael J. 'S order
These labels are considered "highly flammable" by Codd ". ” But Mr.
McFeeley acknowledged that the safety issue was a "device" that would prevent the label from being worn until the bill prohibiting the use of the label was submitted to the city council in early 1975. The P. B. A.
Along with the regulatory police organization, it has long been believed that the use of license plates to identify police officers is subject to harassment and abuse.
"This is a serious thing for us, not a small matter . "
McFeeley said in announcing the decision of the city's main police Group to disobey instructions from bubble Commissioner Codd.
The commissioner who is on leave is unable to reach the advertisement for comments on P. B. A.
A contempt for his orders.
However, Francis J.
Deputy Commissioner for Public Information McLaughlin said: "The order is still in effect --period.
Mr. advertising
McLaughlin declined to say whether any punitive action would be taken against police officers who did not wear the label, including a suspension, starting at 8: 00 midnight. M.
Patrol next Thursday.
Police officials had previously said the name tag would improve community relations.
McFeeley said the police "have no objection to being identified, but by paying attention to our name, our family will receive annoying calls, threats and all kinds of harassment. ”The P. B. A.
Representing 27,000 officers below the rank of sergeant, he does not object to the new badge without a name, but the badge number is largeMcFeeley, said.
According to the directive issued by Commissioner Codd on last October.
On the 29 th, as of last November, the supervisor of the rank of lieutenant or above had been wearing an ID card. 10.
Most of the troops-
About 27,000 police officers and 3,000 Sergeant
It was ordered to be nailed to the plastic board that is valid for the midnight shift next Wednesday. Mr.
McFeeley said four members of the City Council promised that they would launch legislation in January or February to prevent police from wearing famous brands.
Test done by P. B. A. , Mr.
McFeeley said he found these nameplates "very flammable and therefore very dangerous ".
He said these tests were conducted by P. B. A.
The results of the four laboratory members and other inspections will be announced soon. Mr.
P is talking about McFeeley. B. A.
The use of the label will be blocked in court next week, "because the label is not safe.
In a demo yesterday afternoonB. A.
Headquarters, sir.
When McFeeley put a match on one of the name tags, his left hand burned and then it suddenly burned. Mr.
McFeeley said he was informing all P. B. A.
Delegates collect labels in 73 districts of the city and bring them to P. B. A.
Headquartered at 250 Broadway, it is in charge of custody.
"The other eight major cities, including Los Angeles and Chicago, use the ad name tag.
Civil rights groups in New York have launched a campaign to use name tags here to stop possible police brutality, as it makes it easier to identify police names.
A version of this file was printed on page 65 of the New York edition on December 27, 1974 with the title: PB. A.
Ignore the label rules.
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