police badge metal Why Is a Police Officer Called a Cop?

by:ShunDing     2019-05-28
If you have spoken to anyone who has ever dealt with the police, you may hear them using the word "police" instead of saying police or police officers.Now the word is often used and everyone knows who the police are referring.If you have seen law and order or any other crime series on TV, the word police often appears.
People know the word, but they don't know the origin of the word.So why do people call police?Police can be called police, policewoman, police or police."Police Officer" is a generic term in most countries, no matter what level the person has.
Although some terms are negative, most people are familiar with them.Some people think that the police are called police because they have copper seals on them.While this may sound reasonable, it is wrong because most of the badges today are not made of copper at all.
Instead, their badges are usually silver.
Another theory refers to a small piece of copper metal in the hands of officials.This usage of "Copper" is shortened to "cop "."The record of the first use of the word copper by police was in 1846.
When the word "copper" was originally used in the UK, it was used as slang for police officers.It is used to refer to the abuse of criminals.The police themselves think it is highly derogatory.
The word is so derogatory in the UK that it has become illegal to use it.The word "Cop" is slang and is considered impolite.Usually, it is criminals or bad boys who are afraid of being caught by the police who report to the police.
The word has been accepted and used by the police themselves today.The word "Copper" is the original, unshortened word, originally used in the UK to refer to "the person captured ".The word "police" has a common mistake, from the copper button on the uniform worn by the police.
A more reasonable theory is that the word "police" comes from Britain.The Saxon verb of "grab, grab, or grab.\ "It comes from nouns dating back to the 1100 s.Some sources recorded the usage of the verb "cop" used with the meaning of "arrest.
\ "In 1844, the word refers to a legal officer.The term "police" does not refer to the various metal badges or shields carried by the police.This is not the copper pipe they hold in their hands.
In 1844, "catch" is a verb that means "catch", "arrest", or "detention ".\ "This is another term for the police to do these things.In 1846, the police were called "police ".
"1859, the word shortened from" copper "to" police ", which is still there today.The police used a lot of slang.Many of them are considered derogatory or offensive."Cop" is the most common and most acceptable.
It is often used by the police themselves, but most are used by criminals, prisoners or the public.The police also have other derogatory names.The word "pig" is one of the worst words.Its origin dates back to the 19 th century and is negative, demeaning and derogatory.
Because there are so many women in the police force, the word "police" or "police" is no longer accepted.The word "police" can be male or female.In addition, the word "police" can be singular or plural.This requires a plural verb, such as "the police are here ".
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