ring of confidence - small metal plate

by:ShunDing     2019-12-09
ring of confidence  -  small metal plate
Andy CoghlanTHE world's newest and most compact breathing device will be put into use next week in a simulated emergency.
The device stores Air, not in acylinder, but in Donuts-The shape is "toroid ".
Researchers working at the UK defense Assessment Research Institute (DERA)
InFarnborough, Hampshire, claims that this novel design will be safer, easier to use, and can revolutionize the fire fighting, skin diving and other activities that people must wear breathing equipment.
Traditional cylinders are full of problems.
When firefighters wear it, the cylinder sticks so much that it is almost impossible to bring people to a safe place.
They also make it difficult for emergency workers to pass through small openings and narrow gaps.
The valve on the cylinder is in a vulnerable position and must be protected to avoid potential fatal blowout.
In the ring structure, the valve is safely hidden in the middle of the doughnut.
Cylinders are also bulky.
All the weight of the cylinder-
Up to 12 kilograms-
It must be mounted on a solid metal plate to prevent it from moving around.
Instead of metal plates, Toroid neatly puts them into canvas satchel.
John Cook, head of the DERA development team, said: "If you wear our toroid, you can move most of the weight to your hips, not your shoulders, which is more comfortable . ".
Brian Richards of LifeSupport Engineering, located in Torrington, Sussex, drew DERA's attention to the idea of toroid.
Richards rings a cylinder on his body to create a ring.
This design uses the fangs fiber, commonly known as keflaer, to strengthen the wall of the container.
This allows them to succeed where early attempts to use the toroid failed.
"All previous versions use only metal and are always too heavy," Cook said . ".
The complex force inside the Toroid means that it is safe to adjust the air pressure to the usual 207 atmosphere that requires the inner edge of the doughnut to be 50% thicker than the outer edge.
But Cook says the cost of making metal shells of different thicknesses is too high.
Therefore, despite the same thickness of the entire aluminum shell, the developer has wound a spiral Fangfang fiber on the outside
Just like the lag around the pipe prevents it from freezing in the winter.
The thin fibers gather together on the inner edge, thus offsetting the extra pressure.
Cook believes that the completed toroid will weigh about 6 kilograms
Comparable to the lightest upright breathing device on the market.
Cook and Richards have obtained patents for the design and are already negotiating with commercial suppliers of respiratory equipment.
DERA and life support engineers will charge royalties for each item sold.
Cook said the potential market for breathing equipment is huge, selling 2 million units a year, worth about £ 0. 5 billion.
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