scrapbooking stickers - a brief introductory tutorial - epoxy logo sticker

by:ShunDing     2019-07-29
scrapbooking stickers - a brief introductory tutorial  -  epoxy logo sticker
There are many interesting types of stickers.
When buying stickers, the best policy is to look around and find stickers that appeal to you.
Once you 've collected stickers that fit your style, you'll find a lot of opportunities to use them in scrapbooks, cards and other projects.
3D stickers are any uneven stickers.
There are many different styles. Here are a few.
Handmade stickers are 3D stickers pieced together.
Sometimes they are made of fabric with beads or ribbons attached.
Quilting stickers with hands-
Sewed and looked at them.
The Vellum stickers are translucent, which means that the light can pass through, but they are not completely transparent.
The rubber sticker is made of rubber and is worthy of the name.
Epoxy stickers have a great depth because they have a clear raised layer on them.
They are great acceleration.
Crystal stickers are similar to epoxy stickers.
They also have a clear and improved their cover.
Wooden stickers are made of thin wood.
Before using the markers for projects, they can be drawn or colored with the markers.
When using stickers, make sure they are added to the use page without losing focus on your pictures.
If you feel your stickers may be a bit overwhelming but still want to use them, try to zoom in on your pictures so they stand out more.
Here are some great ways to use stickers. 1.
Use text stickers in your diary. 2.
Select the sticker that matches the theme of the page to be used in the title.
For example, use football as "O" in the title of the football page ". 3.
Use the letter sticker as the letter in the title. 4.
Add stickers to decorate the title of your page. 5.
Use small stickers as key points. 6.
Decorate any page with a sticker. 7.
Create a page with a sticker layout.
Just use paper and stickers for fun.
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