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by:ShunDing     2019-12-05
small labels pinch us share  -  small brass labels
According to the latest supermarket data, the new expensive winemaker continues to steal shares from the American wine market, the Australian part of the company and Foster.
AC Nielsen data for June showed strong growth in the yellow tail at the top
Australian wines are sold in the United States, and Black Swan, an Australian wine brand by American wine company Gallo, is from McGugan Simeon.
They accounted for 40 of the Australian market this month.
Foster Group's strong Australian brand growth --
33 cents up that month-
However, the group's weak US brand growth has led to a three-percentage-point increase in total sales.
The Southern Company's sales growth this month fell from 5 percentage points in 5 months to 3 percentage points.
The overall market growth rate for wine sales in the US remained at 2%, a trend attributed to the weak economy and the success of the $2 plonk cult known as "two buckchuck.
In the first two months of this year, it allegedly accounted for 15 percentage points of wine sold in California.
Sales growth is ahead of value growth, according to the data, confirming that Australian winemakers sell more in the United States, but make less profits from it.
These figures are estimated to include 35% of the unemployed.
Pre-sale in the US.
Shares of Southern companies fell 2 cents yesterday to $2.
90, the following report confirms the expectation that the group plans to pay at least $0. 4 billion in writing costsdowns.
Analysts expect
Commodity prices, including brands, stocks, supply contracts with grape growers and goodwill for disease, fell by $0. 6 billionfated $1.
5 billion in 2001 with Rosemont.
In a note to the client, Marcus Padley of Tolhurst Noel said that this is all part of the deck standard process --
Cleared by new chief executive John Ballard.
"This is a book entry and it is unlikely to change the broker's valuation of the stock. . .
But it certainly does not help the mood . " Said Padley.
David Cook of the Dutch bank said: "As long as quantum does not affect the debt contract, it does not care about us.
Most of these projects have no cash impact.
Foster's share price rose four cents to $4. 28.
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