stainless steel label maker Instructions on How to Make a Homemade Spice Rack

by:ShunDing     2019-05-28

There are many kinds of spice racks on the market;Shelves with 6 to 12 spices, shelves made of wood or stainless steel.However, it is easy to make your own spice rack at home using materials from local home repair shops to make a Metal label.

Make a homemade spice rack that can hold spices of any color and can be installed anywhere in the kitchen without taking up counter space.The main supply you need to make your own spice rack is vinyl molding.Although you can make this project with wood or even glass, the vinyl material is easy to process, cut and cheap.Buy white plastic square vinyl from local home improvement retailers and look almost like foam plastic.

You will make each shelf with longer molded parts, and shorter molded parts run vertically to connect each shelf.Depending on the size of the spice rack you want to use, the measurements may vary, but you can use two 12-Inches of each horizontal shelf as a guide.Make sure the mold you purchased is wide enough to fit the jar you are using.You also need white brads or nails to connect the mold to the wall.Buy a bottle of spices from a homeware store or even a dollar store.To make a homemade spice rack, simply nail each end of the molding and the middle to the wall.Measure the shelves to ensure that there is enough space between each shelf for the bottle to stand upright.A variant of this approach is to make the shelves deeper and put them together so you can put the bottles on their sides. Metal label the bottle by writing the name of each spice on the small round sticker on the lid.

To be cleaner, stainless steel labels on your computer.Organize spices in alphabetical order so you can easily find them or organize them depending on how often you use them;For example, place your most commonly used spices on top shelf in alphabetical order.To add a little color to your spice rack, paint vinyl with acrylic that matches the color of your kitchen.If you have a lot of stainless steel in your kitchen, use silver paint or use a color that matches the wall.Cover the spice rack with wallpaper or craft paper to add color or make it look more decorative than paint               

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