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by:ShunDing     2019-05-30
In developing countries, with the requirements for corrosion resistance, the requirements for boilers and pressure vessels operating at high temperatures are increasing.Any failure of the boiler pressure vessel in the industry may lead to harm or be catastrophic.The high-The high quality steel plate of pressure vessel must guarantee the long-term use of the equipment.
The steel plates used in pressure vessels not only have a combination of chemical and mechanical properties, but also need to meet the different needs of different applications.These steel plates are induced during manufacturing during post-weld heat treatment.It is recommended to use fuel and demonstrate the physical performance required.
Dangerous combinations of properties such as welding and temperature always require special consideration when designing and building pressure vessels and boilers.Pressure vessels are usually made of flat plates rolled and welded along their length.The circumference joint is used to connect the cylinder and weld together like a plate.
Why do high quality steel plates are required to design boilers and pressure vessels?Used to make pressure vessels in a very different way than 50 years ago.Earlier, the steel plate usually had a coarse crystal structure that contained some impurities that affected its finish and could be obtained at a higher speed.In addition, these impurities may lead to serious accidents.
With significant growth in steel processing and modern technology, boilers and pressure vessels are made of fine steel plates, higher corrosion resistance, impact resistance, etc.What is the pressure vessel and boiler?Pressure vessels and boilers are closed containers developed to accommodate pressurized liquids and gases.From a geometric point of view, these are mainly made into any type of shape that can be a sphere, a cylinder, or a dome shape.
Most cylindrical containers have half.
Each end has an elliptical head or end cap.Small boilers are produced by pipes with end caps, while large boilers are manufactured by welding several rolled and possibly forged components together.Pressure vessels and boilers are designed in strict accordance with the pressure design specifications and international standards, and professionals regularly check to ensure additional safety.
Many factors are taken into account when designing boilers and pressure vessels.These aspects are the size and weight of the container and its composition, taking into account internal and external forces, including applying the environment and operating temperature of the container, emphasizing the pressure faced by the container during the application, resistance, and so on.It makes sense that the pressure vessels and boilers manufactured can be designed safely and efficiently with steel plate hinges.
There are various standards, specifications and thicknesses for boilers and pressure vessels.These are completely designed for great internal pressure;If it fails, it will lead to a serious accident.So these require specific steel plates.The manufacturing scope of the Boiler and Pressure Vessel is processed from different quality assurance tests such as hole resistance test, flattening test and IGC test, mechanical and hardening test.
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