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by:ShunDing     2019-10-29
study: fast food marketing up, food still unhealthy  -  stainless steel name plates online
Fast food marketing for children is on the rise, according to a new study, and the food advertised in popular chain restaurants is very unhealthy.
The report released by the Yale University's Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity on Monday surveyed 12 popular chain restaurants, out of more than 3,000 children's meals, only 12 nutritional guidelines for preschool children were foundaged kids.
"The worst meal was in milk Queen," said Jennifer Harris, director of marketing programs at Yale Center and lead research author.
"It's a cheese burger, fries, a sugary soft drink and a chocolate deli bar with a total of 973 calories. "The No.
The culprit: KFC's popcorn chicken children's meal with biscuits, soda and cheese has a total of 840 calories.
Harris says it's a subway-flavored "vegan" with apple slices and 100-
Percentage of juice that won the healthiest children's meal award with 285 calories.
Burger King macaroni and cheese with apple slices and fat
Free milk also has 285 calories.
In addition to nutritional value, the study also looked at fast food marketing for children and found that the average preschool child saw 21% more fast food ads than in 2003.
African-American children see nearly 50% more advertisements than white children.
According to Harris, $4.
The fast food industry, which spent £ 2 billion on advertising in 2009, is currently operating.
Report found 40-
The percentage of preschool children is required to go to McDonald's every week and 15% go to McDonald's every day.
In addition, 84% of parents said they had taken their children to fast food at least once in the past week.
Harris and her colleagues did find that most fast food restaurants also have healthy options, but it was hard to find.
She said: "In more than 80% of the time that our mysterious customers enter the fast food restaurant, they will automatically get the chips next to them, and more than half of the time is like this, they automatically get a glass of soda.
So even though they have a healthy choice, they don't even ask people if they want it.
"So, can the restaurant do better?
"One of the things we see is that they have very little effort promoting healthy food in restaurants, and that's where people decide what to buy," Harris said . ". "The No.
One of the things we recommend is that they make the health option the default option for kids to eat.
"The National Restaurant Association, a trade organization, says the fast food industry has been working to change, including providing more nutritional options for children.
Joy Dubost, director of nutrition and healthy living at the association, said: "The industry has also taken the lead in advocating nutrition information to consumers in chain restaurants . ".
"The menu label terms strongly supported by the industry became law last year, and will soon include calories on the menu at 200,000 restaurants across the country.
"I work with a lot of single parents who are lawyers, certified public accountants and other professionals who, of course, know that the best thing for their children is family dinners, but will they buy fast food for their children?
Of course they will.
Children want toys and opportunities to play in the play area.
Parents are under great pressure. There are still many ways to go before going to bed after work. They change their parents' hats with professional hats.
Time is hard, and the positive contribution of fast food is that it meets the needs in a busy schedule.
Perhaps the focus of our energy should not be demonizing parents who buy fast food for their children, but rather putting pressure on restaurants to provide better meals.
Just like the vegetable Delite of Subway. Impossible? No.
McDonald's listened-it sells Apple slices now and you didn't see them a few years ago.
Let's help single parents-these hard-working people have enough burden on their shoulders, they have money in their pockets, this is a smart fast food restaurant that actually meets the need for fun, fast, fresh and nutritious food can be made into a bundle.
I remember eating my spinach because Popeye
This is a viable goal.
You put forward a lot of points that I ignored in my post for consideration.
This could be due to these parents, McDonald's and other companies starting to offer options such as apple slices or carrot sticks.
That said, I hope that educated professional single parents will find a better choice than fast food, not to give in to toy requests, or at least not to give in on a regular basis.
Even having a simple fast meal at home, such as pasta with green beans or broccoli, is better than anything McDonald's can think.
The added benefit is: less packing garbage, no crappy plastic toys, they will only be landfill if they are tired. Paula. . .
With all due respect. . .
I am not sure if you have read the article.
It says healthy food provided by fast food restaurants is not advertised or advertised (
In or outside the store). So. . .
You can provide all the apple slices in the world. . .
But if a kid links McDonald's to a burger, he/she won't be coming for apple slices.
The only gatekeeper is the parents, and once they give up the ghost, there is not much left.
So people shouldn't think about it anymore?
Shouldn't they eat food that is good for them?
Can they prepare it themselves cheaply?
I find it incredible that people think they have to pay a lot of money for junk food.
Bring a hanging sandwich and a fruit for lunch.
A fraction of the cost, you don't pay for all of these high blood pressure and heart medications.
It's ridiculous to blame these fast food restaurants! ! !
If you are worried about the health of your child, say no!
This is a matter of parenting. Period. People.
If you want to avoid advertising that you and your child are so powerless to object. . .
Turn off the TV and open a book!
Don't be so weak.
The most important sentence in this article is "$4 ".
The fast food industry, which spent £ 2 billion on advertising in 2009, is currently operating. " Simple fact. . .
If a company does something to make money, it is obliged to the shareholders to continue doing it.
The only defense for people is (a)
Change the law of the company-it will not happen; (b)
Fight bad additions with good additions, boost health-can happen, but will never work, or (c)counter-
Play these complementary effects through good parenting.
Of the three options, the last one is the only one that is viable.
As a very healthy adult, he rarely eats fast food or processed food, and rarely eats today. I can say that it is the responsibility of parents to ensure that children develop habits as early as possible to link meal time with family cooking and health habits.
If they do not, it is very likely that the children will have a very unhealthy association with the food that will continue into their adulthood and transfer to their children.
Food is as dangerous as other addictive things.
Please respect the danger and instill good habits into your child.
As a parent, this is one of the most important things you can do.
I feel that, whether it's a fast food restaurant or an upscale restaurant, the food served on the kids menu is rarely healthy and tasty. . .
Either one or the other.
For example, fast food restaurants provide pre-
The children's menu has packaged, hard, non-scented sliced Granny Smith apples on it, and they should provide honey crispy apples or Gala apples.
Salads are usually made with favorite, poorly nourished rolls of lettuce and cucumbers, instead they should offer healthier options such as Roman lettuce, zucchini, Persian cucumbers and
It's all about personal responsibility.
No one is forcing you to take your child to McDonald's or any other fast food restaurant.
Parents need to be parents and your children are not allowed to be parents.
No matter how many feet they kick, how many shouts, no McDonald's!
It is a problem for children to rule their families in this country.
Wake up your parents and start being a parent instead of letting your child walk around you.
The only way we can do this debate is if McDonald really pushes the product to your child's throat! Get over it!
It has something to do with the McDonald's problem, but I am a nurse and I am sick of the horrible, high fat fried food that the hospital provides for the patient and eat at their Buffet BBQ(
Children's Hospital, guys! )
Choosing to drive through McDonald's or make a frozen dinner rich in sodium and fat is one thing, however, when a crappy meal is delivered to the patient's tray for dinner, the purpose is to recover. . . .
I just don't understand. Money.
Always money.
Ask your supervisor why they provide food and I promise they will say "cheaper ".
"I hope that the hospital I stayed in after childbirth will provide this food.
There is nothing but low-fat milk.
I saw a McDonald's in the hospital on Super me.
Good because it keeps the hospital type of business.
If I were a dentist, you 'd better be sure that I will provide them with a Snickers and a milkeway bar as the kids go out.
If I run a carpet cleaning business or a free puppy.
But most people are stupid and think that others should come forward and refuse to consume these things.
They often think that dentists should be banned from providing candy, or that hospitals should be banned from eating McDonald's instead of standing up and telling your child not to have candy. God America! ! ! GROW A PAIR! ! So true.
The worst food criminals I 've ever seen are school canteens and hospital canteens, which should be places of education and health!
I have seen almost all possible excuses in this forum.
From poor, under-educated, parents who don't know how to feed their children to stressed parents --
Overworked professional single parent who does not have time to provide healthy meals for children.
Not to mention it.
Indulgent parents, they just "give in" to the child's momentary impulse ".
What they have in common is that they seem to continue to accuse Burger stands and the advertising campaigns they use to compete with other burgers of not promoting "healthier alternatives" to make this kind of food, and they have succeeded in the first place.
If you are a parent and don't have enough education and time to provide proper nutrition for your child, then, maybe before you start to stick to the burger stand and stop advertising the burger, but push the apple slices and carrot sticks, you should review your own priorities.
This total lack of accountability is indeed a problem in the United States, not a high level. fat, high-
By the way, McDonald's calorie foods have been around for more than half a century.
I am a healthy person and keep myself healthy, but occasionally I find myself in the mood for a good burger.
However, I have never been tempted by a commercial salad or snack pack by McDonald's.
It's all stupid.
OK, OK, so we all have the freedom to choose what we eat or what we eat.
So I have one more question.
Do I have the right to approach someone who clearly ignores their children by feeding them these things.
I'm not talking about your kids going to McDonald's every once in a while or even overweight kids.
I'm talking about sick and obese kids who are obviously at risk.
When does society need to change?
Is there such a view?
Of course I gave them expressions of disgust, usually not even on purpose.
When you see a sick and obese child with a fat parent, you can't help but get scared.
The fast food industry is really responsible for what they put in their food, but aren't parents the ones they choose to feed their children?
We need to take responsibility for what we feed our children.
I advise you to cut processed food (
Not just fast food . . . . . . )
Your/your family's diet.
Almost everything that has been processed has lost all its nutrition;
How healthy is something without nutritional value?
While processed foods may say they contain vitamins, fibers, etc, it means it is full of these synthetic forms
If we believe in the box, we may think we eat well.
Processed foods also contain chemicals.
What did they do to our children's bodies?
They also have a lot of extra sugar, salt, etc.
All in all, buying processed food from grocery stores or children's meals at McDonald's seems to be cheaper than buying fresh food and cooking, which makes you feel less full. You will eat (and buy)
If you eat processed food, it's more than you do a healthy meal for your family.
I know we 've been trying to find the fastest and cheapest option to save time and money, but I really urge you to cut down on processed food.
Take the time to prepare a meal instead of driving across the road and spending a few more dollars to make sure you and your family are healthy.
The problem with garbage is eating too much.
Yes, but the study focuses on children, not adults.
Children's calorie needs are different from satiety
Adults, so sitting 973 calories at a time is really quite a lot.
So now the reason for obesity is a lot of advertising?
What happened to free will and personal responsibility?
Are people forced to buy fast food? WoW. Excuses.
No one forced you to eat fast food.
No one has forced your child to eat fast food except you!
The chips in that photo look delicious and I have never seen such chips before.
French fries with sour cream, scallions and tomatoes. I'll try them.
The lethal combination needs to be strengthened, not just one of the individual components: 1)Bad Diet2)
Sedentary lifestyle (
We're talking about lazy people who haven't been walking stairs to 2nd floors for years)3)
Poor socialization (
Resulting in insufficient cognition at all stages of life)
My question is why our child's health responsibility lies entirely in the fast food industry itself, while it is the responsibility of parents to make the right decisions about diet, health and overall well-being for their children.
Fast food restaurants offer a product that we choose to buy as consumers.
I think this is where parents set boundaries for their children and refuse.
We often try to blame others for our decisions.
Personally, I would like to be able to continue making decisions for my family rather than having others make decisions for me.
As a society, we need to take responsibility for the lifestyle we choose.
Parents need to plan better for their children so they don't have to eat out every day.
Fast food restaurants have the right to provide their products, and we have the right to choose whether to eat or provide them to our children.
I have 4 children, a 10-year-old son, a 7-year-old daughter and a 4-year-old twin girl who watch all the shows their friends do on TV, we drove through all the fast food restaurants and they didn't ask for food and toys. . .
My two biggest kids will check if there's something organic and if I say no it's not organic or it will put you on weight and they know it's better than getting through fitness. . . .
Their sister saw this and followed the leader.
Once I asked for a McDonald's fries and the twins asked me what it was. . . .
My husband and I have been doing the worst and hardest work with our children, and this is to get them to the truth and keep them safe from toys and greasy food. . . .
I agree very much that it is only the responsibility of the parents. . .
They are our children. We must teach them to distinguish between right and wrong.
No matter how much these companies spend on the market, we do have a chance to fight with our children, and I read the book and found that more than 40% of preschool children like to eat at fast food restaurants.
But others like to eat at fast food restaurants. 5th hour Mrs.
It's not surprising that Americans are the fattest race on the planet (
I'm not talking about Indians.
But that's what "Americans" mean).
The problem is not junk food.
Being inactive, watching TV for hours can also lead to this.
Fast food is very expensive in my country, most people don't eat fast food because of the price.
The taste of every healthy food is terrible, but if you don't make much money, you have to eat anything edible.
I believe in my friend's theory of "You get richer and you get fatter.
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