top 10 revolutionary scientific theories - engraved name plates for trophies

by:ShunDing     2019-12-04
top 10 revolutionary scientific theories  -  engraved name plates for trophies
In recent centuries, most scientific fields have been done with at least one revolutionary theory.
Reorganize the old knowledge into a new framework.
When the new framework made it possible to solve the problem that hindered the former intellectual regime, revolutionary theory succeeded.
This is my favorite revolution.
I hope there will be more before I die.
This is not the most revolutionary theory, because there is no theory that can be completely changed by the predecessors.
But Shannon certainly provides a mathematical foundation for many other revolutionary developments in electronic communications and computer science.
If there is no theory of information, bits are still only used for walkthrough.
Game theory has developed for economics and has achieved some success in the field of economics, but it has not completely changed the field.
However, it has been widely adopted by many other social sciences.
Evolutionary game theory is an important branch of evolutionary biology research.
Game theory even applies to everyday activities such as poker, football and negotiation, paying higher fees for bloggers.
There are even things like quantum game theory, which will one day bring revolutionary things.
John Nash won the Nobel Prize for his contribution to game theory, and his troubled life inspired the book's splendor.
But don't expect to learn anything about game theory by watching the movie version.
Lavoisier did not find oxygen, but he found that the gas was combined with the substance when it was burned.
As a result, lavasek gave up the prevailing theory of combustion at that time, paving the way for the development of modern chemistry.
For lavasek, it was a revolution much safer than the political revolution soon after France, and the revolution was so great that lavasek lost his mind about it.
Wegener realized that the mainland began to drift as early as 1912.
But it was not until the 1960 s that scientists combined these fragments in a comprehensive theory of plate structure.
Canadian geophysical scientist Wilson is a major contributor to some of the major research results, and many other researchers have also played an important role. (
Remember that plate structures should not be confused with plate structures, which are a good name for revolutionary science --
Themed restaurant. )
By explaining heat from the statistical behavior of atoms and molecules, statistical mechanics understand thermodynamics and also provide strong evidence for the reality of atoms.
In addition, statistical mechanics establishes the role of probability mathematics in physical science.
Modern extension of statistical mechanics (
Sometimes it's called statistical physics now)
Everything from material science and magnets to traffic jams and voting behavior has been applied.
Even game theory.
Special relativity is not so revolutionary in some ways, because it retains many classical physics. But come on.
It blends space with time, matter and energy, making the atomic bomb possible, making it slower for you to age in space flight.
You want to get how revolutionary the general theory of relativity is more revolutionary than the special theory of relativity, because it abandons Newton's law of gravity and instead supports bending time and space.
Let scientists see the whole history of the expansion of the universe.
Black holes for science fiction writers.
Quantum theory tore the entire structure of classical physics into pieces, destroying ordinary concepts of the nature of reality, distorting the entire philosophy of cause and effect, revealing the natural properties that no one knows, no matter how imaginative, can't imagine.
Seriously, it's hard to believe it's only third place.
Darwin showed that the complexity of life and the complex relationship between life
The form can appear and survive from the natural process without the need for a designer or Ark.
He opened up the thinking of human beings pursuing natural science and was not influenced by supernatural prejudice.
His theory is so revolutionary that some people still doubt it. They shouldn’t.
One of the greatest insights conceived by some ancient Greeks, but built only after two thousand years: the Earth rotates around the Sun (
Like other planets).
Because it is the first one, it is the first one.
Anyway, where do you think the word came from (
Until Copernicus used it as the title of his revolutionary work, it was rarely used to express what it did today. )
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