your firm is toast giveaways - metal company name plates

by:ShunDing     2019-11-25
your firm is toast giveaways  -  metal company name plates
Fortune magazine)
Over the years, the company has sold promotional goods such as pens and coffee cups, providing more than $16 billion in funding for the US market. S. last year.
While most of the chocolate was thrown into the drawer and soon forgotten, a new item in New York City ---
The LC premium based on the company is--Lord help us--
Quickly become the pride of the freebie industry.
Sales of customized LC premium
Burn your company logo to a regular toaster-sized bread.
The goods caused a stir at the international trade show of the promotional products Association in last January, winning the new product of the year.
So far, customers such as Cinemax, Target and Microsoft Canada have placed orders for the toaster, which works as a regular toaster, but includes a thin metal plate with a logo, when toasting, it was pushed onto the bread.
There are two colors in the toaster ($49)and plastic ($29)versions.
Linda Carlish, head of premium for LC, said the only limit is that it's hard to replicate the gorgeous logo on bread-
"We have to reject Panera"-
But in this case, the customer can get the company name in block letters.
Of course, you can also use coffee cups. --
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