Canadian Messing takes silver medal at Skate Canada International

by:ShunDing     2019-12-27
LAVAL, Que. —
The latest figure skating star in Canada likes to perform for the audience.
He ski on an iceberg in Alaska.
His goal is to be the first to get four Axel in the game.
Keegan Mesin won the men\'s singles silver medal at the International Skating Championships in Canada on Saturday, making it the first podium at the Grand Prix.
Soon after his entertainment, Charlie.
Rotate with an invisible cane-the quirky 26-year-
Old talk about his new role in the spotlight.
\"I don\'t know how I feel about it yet, except that I\'m happy, especially because it\'s the first real game of the year, and I\'m doing well,\" garbled.
\"I am very satisfied with the development of things and I am very happy to see how it is constantly evolving.
\"The first few pages are interesting.
Let\'s see what the whole book is like.
After a short show on Friday, Macine scored 265 points. 17 points.
Olympic silver medalist Shoma Uno from Japan rebounded from a disastrous short project to win the gold medal for 277. 25. Cha Jun-Hwan, a 17-year-
The South Korean elderly trained in Toronto with Brian Other won the bronze medal with a score of 254. 77.
Macine\'s medal was Canada\'s second on the same day. Kirsten Moore-
Towers and Michael Marinaro won the bronze medal.
Russian player Tahita Misheva won the women\'s singles title. The five-foot-
In his Olympic debut in South Korea, four mexin is a respectable 12 times, only four points behind.
World champion Patrick Chen.
After the Olympic Games, Jackie Chan retired, and the change in roller skating focused people\'s attention on messaging.
He was obviously comfortable there.
Within four minutes of him.
Free program in minutes, crowds in Bell Square are toes
Knock and clap together.
\"There are so many opportunities for characters to come out and do a lot of things in front of such a large crowd,\" Messing said . \" With his lucky cowboy hat in one hand
The hat is a recognition of Alberta and Alaska.
\"It has so much energy, so interesting, so wonderful.
\"Messaging is a completely different skater from Chan, from the energy ball to the grace and power of Chan.
Normally, he is a reliable jumper and on Saturday he has only completed one of the three tasks planned.
In the summer, a safety belt like a giant fishing rod appeared in the video, messing up a four-piece Axel while landing.
\"I would love to put my name on it,\" Messing said . \".
\"We \'ve been working all spring, but we \'ve stepped back a little bit because the risk of injury is very high for such a big jump, to enter the Grand Prix season and we feel like waiting for the season to end, then it\'s safer to keep trying more games.
Compared to other quads, quad Axel is actually 4-and-a-
Half revolution
\"They feel like the other four in their seat belts.
\"I do think there is a chance that four Axel will land,\" said Mesin . \".
Messing was late for the Canadian team.
He had hoped to be included in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, but when he ran for president,S.
At an international event in Italy, he had to sit outside for a few years before he was eligible to skate for Canada.
Mesin has dual nationality because his mother Sally was born in Edmonton and his grandfather was from Newfoundland.
Macine grew up in gildwood, a holiday town in Alaska where glaciers and grizzly bears south of Anchorage are where he lives.
So last month, an adventure guide was having a good time climbing the glacier to skate.
\"We found one that is very safe to a large extent because they can be very unstable,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s fun to put on my Olympic skates.
Meanwhile, Toronto\'s South nguyen worked out two excellent projects for the first time in a period of time to complete the fifth. The 20-year-
When the music stopped, he waved two celebratory fists to the crowd.
\"I haven\'t had such an experience for a long time and I\'m really excited to have two great shows this week,\" he said . \".
Nguyen won fifth place at the World Championships in 2015, but the years since then have been full of frustration.
He changed his coach many times.
He had to adapt to the great economic growth.
Nguyen said he and his nine-month coach, Robert Burke, have been working hard for his mental game.
He said: \"I am a very emotional skater and I react to how I feel, so if I feel good I push and I don\'t push if I feel bad.
\"My coach and I have decided that the plan we need is just to overcome the pain, no matter how I feel, this is where the real training is done, especially on days when I feel like a shit, I don\'t want to go to the ice rink at all.
\"My mentality has disappeared in the past few years --oof! —
He added.
\"It\'s starting to come back, and it\'s not a sure end, but it\'s a good start, and it\'s a confidence for me to go beyond everything.
\"Tuktamysheva won the Canadian skating championship at the age of 14year-
The old man scored 203 points in 2011.
32 points for women\'s gold.
She tried a rare triple axel and fell down, but still slipped a clean program.
Mako Yamashita in Japan won the silver medal, while the two in Russia --
Time world champion Evgenia Medvedeva came third.
Canada is eight.
Moore, skating for Pink Floyd medleyTower from St.
St. Catherine, Ont.
And Marina from Sania, California. , scored 200.
93 points, almost lost points on the double silver.
The difference is their death spiral downgrade, which is their last factor.
\"In the last 10 seconds of the show, the level of missing the death spiral is a very big setback, where it took us half a minute, so it\'s definitely a learning experience, \"The profit here is so small,\" says marinaro. \".
France\'s Vanessa James and Morgan Sipur scored 147 points in their personal best.
30 won gold medals in their short program at 221. 81.
Peng Cheng and Jin Yang of China won the silver medal (201. 08).
Canada skating is the second race at the Grand Prix track.
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