Casual Discrimination in Olympics Coverage Is the Worst

by:ShunDing     2019-12-24
The Internet applauded media, commentators and Twitter for the casual but brutal discrimination against women Olympians this summer.
No wonder: New research shows that men are almost three times more likely to be mentioned in sports than women.
More importantly, when it comes to women, it is often associated with words such as \"old age\", \"pregnancy\", \"married\" and \"unmarried.
\"But this is 2016 and people are doing something about it.
Twitter recently attacked NBC commentators for calling Olympic women \"girls\" rather than \"women \".
\"Twitter of Australia\'s official Olympic team has joined NBC\'s popular seats, and the team has used patronizing words on multiple occasions.
The bill did not stop either.
Here are some female Olympians who will not be killed by arbitrary discrimination.
Hungarian swimmer Katinka hostzu broke the world record in nearly two seconds in the 400-meter race.
In the early stages of the race, the individual medley.
When NBC later broadcast the event, sports show host Dan Hicks attributed her victory to her husband and coach Shane DUSP, calling him a \"responsible person\"
The audience shouted Hicks on Twitter, shouted in all the hats, and made gestures with emojis.
Hicks replied: \"without giving Shane proper credit, it is impossible to tell the story of Katinka accurately, and that is what I want to do.
Let Hicks be the one responsible for casual incidents of gender discrimination.
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Or affect discrimination against people with cross-identities, such as women and Africa. American.
Olympic swimmer Manuel won two gold medals and two silver medals at this year\'s Olympic Games.
She recently won 100 and made history.
Become the first freestyle player in Africa
American woman who won individual gold medals in Olympic swimming.
Although her achievements seem to require recognition by the name, the San Jose Mercury News is publishing an article titled \"Olympic Games: Michael Phelps shares a historic evening with Africans --American” —
The title has even more problems than its random racism.
After a series of criticisms, the newspaper apologized and edited the title to include Manuel\'s name.
Although the editor in charge of posting this antics doesn\'t seem to get her historical importance, at least the Ohai did: \"This medal is not just for me, manuel said in the story.
\"This is for a group of people before me, and it is an inspiration for me.
This is for everyone who believes they can\'t do it.
I just want to inspire others and you can do that. ”Corey Cogdell-
Unrein won her second Olympic bronze medal in the women\'s trap shooting competition.
August 7 bite iron
The Chicago Tribune tweeted: \"The Bear\'s wife won the bronze medal at the Rio Olympics Today.
Twitter\'s reaction to the media\'s complete deletion of Kroger DelUnrein.
User Erin Ruberry thinks there is a major typo in this tweet: \"I think you spelled the \'three-
Kogel-time Olympic
It was wrong for her to win the bronze medal for the second time.
The Tribune then apologized, saying it intended to make the story relevant to the Chicago Reader: \"[Corey Cogdell-Unrein is]
She was great herself.
We have worked very hard to emphasize local connections.
Unrein has arrived in Chicago.
\"If you are skeptical about their apology, please read their article, and the title of the article may be more appropriate,\" there is one for bear linaman Mickey norinji train company
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On August 14, the rice springboard, although it is safe to say that her great achievements were hijacked by what her boyfriend and Olympic player Qin Kai openly proposed to be more mediocre \"achievements.
While many are shocked by Qin\'s romantic offer, others call it gender discrimination and say he stole the spotlight.
They may be right: Google\'s first suggestion
Represents the most popular search-
When she entered \"China Olympics\" after her award ceremony, it was \"China Olympic proposal \".
According to Rolling Stone magazine, Venus and Serena Williams are \"the most dominant figures in sports today \".
So far, she has won four Olympic gold medals in tennis singles and doubles.
Her sister, Venus, is not one to laugh at, and she has four gold medals under her belt.
So when British tennis player Andy Murray won the second consecutive gold medal in men\'s singles in August 14, he was surprised to hear that BBC host John Inverdale had completely forgotten the Williams sisters.
\"You are the first to win two gold medals in Olympic tennis.
This is an extraordinary feat, isn\'t it?
Inverdale asked Murray.
\"In order to defend the singles champion,\" Murray responded quickly . \".
\"I think Venus and Serena won four games each.
Twitter also responded, jumping off Inverdale\'s throat.
Some praised Murray, while others noted other gender discrimination errors in Inverdale.
Some even asked him to resign, but Inverdale still works for the BBC.
Pay tribute to Murray\'s impeccable memory.
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Olympic star LedeckyIn what the world is silver, worth more than record-
Break the gold medal?
Obviously ours.
In Rio, swimmer Katie Leakey broke her world record in the 800-meter race.
The freestyle began in 2012.
She won 200 and 400 before.
The rally made her the first woman to win gold in all three events since Debbie Meyer in the United States in 1968.
But this is clearly not the goal of the Greeley Tribune.
Law professor Nancy Leong tweeted a photo of a Colorado headline, which put the Internet into a frenzy --Based on newspapers.
It says, \"Phelps won the silver medal in the 100 m freestyle,\" with a large, bold font, followed by a sad microcosm of women\'s reality: \"ledeky is 100 m in women\" in smaller print.
Leong summed this up well with her comments: \"The title is basically a metaphor for the whole world.
One commenter struck back at Leung, saying Phelps\'s name could be of more interest and selling newspapers.
Another politely advised the male opponent to Google the search for \"mansplaining\" and then please stop doing so.
And Phelps is undoubtedly a living legend, breaking 2,000-year-
His old record of 22 Olympic gold medals tells us that a newspaper --
There seems to be a course-
Correction online-
I chose a title about the runner
Not the winner.
Sean Johnson (Sponsored)
Crusader Olympic gold medalist Sean Johnson has been talking about media criticism of the excessive and inappropriate physical fitness of female gymnasts.
She describes what is often likened to American gymnast Nastia Liukin.
\"We are always told that if we were like everyone else, we would be stronger, but that doesn\'t work,\" Johnson told Huffington Post . \".
\"I remember hearing all the time that I had to be higher, thinner, more flexible, and a lot of it was impossible.
I obviously can\'t grow taller.
It\'s been in my mind all the time.
Johnson\'s position has something to do with Dev\'s # mybeauty mysay campaign, which shows that American companies are even willing to pay to deal with all these terrible things in today\'s environment. Is This Racist?
Of course, the dispute is not limited to female athletes.
Two professional photographers on Sunday, August 14, 2016
Cameron Spencer of Getty Images and kempenbach of Reuters
In the 100 m semi-final of the Rio Olympics, Jamaican sprinter Bolt smiled in the competition.
The photos were immediately exposed on social media, with six fans
Time gold medalists and media like Yahoo Sports praised the photos as \"one of the best Sports photos ever.
Alan de Jeris. After the talk-
The show host posted a ps photo of himself riding on Bolt\'s back with the title \"This is how I run my legs from now on.
# Rio2016, \"allegations of racism broke out on twitter.
\"Do you think it would be interesting to post a picture of yourself on the back of a black man? Nope.
User @ mikeallen _ 47 replied: \"Remove this racist crap.
\"I am very aware of the racism that exists in our country,\" DeGeneres wrote on Twitter in response to the rally.
\"This is the farthest thing from who I am.
Is the Internet overreacting here? Some think so.
\"To be honest, there is nothing offensive about this photo.
This is just a compliment to his speed.
User @ vivelagaia replied, \"overcome it yourself, the world . \".
In another example, when the Cosmopolitan magazine released a set of photos of the crotch of male Olympic athletes, male objectification became the focus.
Twitter quickly slammed the women Magazine for saying the article was gender-discriminatory and hypocritical.
\"Double standards are terrible,\" Twitter user @ o_beswetherick wrote with images that contradict content.
The magazine shared one of their articles in response in 2014. (
Obviously, this is not the first time Cosmo has been attacked for bananas.
Hammock fault)
Anna braislo wrote: \"Looking at women objectively, reducing them to anything other than the body parts, has been canceled in the celebrity culture as far as I can remember, \"\" But in recent memory, whenever a celebrity receives the same treatment, his team immediately asks US to respect the craft of this very serious person.
She makes sense, but the real question is: do their female readers really like their gallery of grape smugglers?
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This article was updated on August.
2016, including a section on Katie lediki, notes that two photographers have taken a version of the iconic Usain Bolt image.
What do you think?
Have you ever thought about this?
When they happen for the first time, the time worth it is random discrimination?
You think this society-media uproar?
To avoid offending groups, to what extent should comedians exercise discretion?
Would you like to share a story about casual discrimination you or friends may experience in a gym or sporting event?
Tell us in the comments!
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