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name plate maker, name plate manufacturer, online nameplate maker

Why Choose YongFu

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20+ Years Manufacturing Custom Nameplate

YongFu is a custom nameplate manufacturer with 20+ years experience, who is  ISO9001, ROHS and Gold Plus Supplier Assessment Certificate. We cooperate with famous brands like Porsche, Chanel, Adidas, Nike, JBL etc.

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We Ensure the High Quality Standard of Products

We have introduced latest technology, advanced facilities, expert technical personnel to ensure the best quality. Our products are exported to Europe, America, East Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

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One-Stop Professional Customized Service

Our professional R&D team to help design nameplates according to customers’ needs. Shape, color and pattern of the nameplates can be customized. Tell us your idea and let us make it come true!

Custom Metal Nameplate

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Nameplate usually adopts the metal materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, tin, SPCC, or plastic etc;


We apply different special surface finish crafts to achieve customers' required effects like: stamping, etching, filling color, painting, printing, punching, diamond cutting, brushing, anodizing, epoxy dripping and so on.


Our nameplate is featured of attractive and unique, durable, waterproof and environmental-friendly.


Nameplates produced by ShunDing are widely used for house appliance, machinery, apparatus, furniture, appaequipment, apparatus etc.

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One-Stop Custom Service

Design: First, the professional R&D team will layout a sketch and solution with all details such as size limitation, process technique, surface treatment, quality control and so on.

Sample Making: Second, we will make sample by using special mold, which will be served as the mass production standard. We specially set up a sample room to sort out and store the samples.

Mass Production: After customers check and confirm the sample, the mass production starts. Strict quality control will carried out during and after the production process.

Package & Shipment: We offer various packing options, ensuring no damage in transportation. Also, we cooperate with professional logistics companies to make sure delivery will be on time.

Customer Send Original Design
We Modify and Perfect the Draft
Finished Product Satisfy Customers' Expectation

Cooperated Brands

We cooperate with the following famous brands, ask for free sample now!

Ask for E-catalog & Free Sample Now!

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