Edmonton\'s Amber\'s Brewing wins three bronze medals

by:ShunDing     2019-12-17
Last weekend, Amber Beer won three bronze medals at the Calgary International Beer Festival.
Amber\'s won bronze in its Australian pepper berry beer and domestic beer category and, with its unique Sap vampire maple sugar, in the beer category of people\'s choice.
Jim Gibbon, founder and president of Amber, was very excited about the result.
Read his press release: \"a micro brewery Amber brewery owned and operated in Edmonton has won three medals, the most medals any brewery has won, at the Calgary International Beer Festival on the weekend of May 28 and 2010.
Alberta owns and operates Amber Brewing Co. , Ltd. Inc.
He won three bronze medals at the recent Calgary International Beerfest.
Amber\'s Australian pepper berry beer and Amber\'s Sap vampire Maple beer won a bronze medal in professional beer and domestic beer for the beer people choose.
Jim Gibbon, founder and president, commented: \"We can\'t be happier.
Can you imagine attending your first show in Calgary and getting the most medals? Especially in the competition attended by the large wonderful micro brewery group, it is a real honor to get the recognition of the group.
\"The success of this event has given us confidence and now is the right time for the Calgary market to expand. ” says Gibbon.
\"This is another example of a fine craft beer produced in Edmonton.
So don\'t forget to ask for some Edmonton when you go to a beer shop or bar-brewed beers. Cheers
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