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by:ShunDing     2020-07-28
Foshan metal electroplating standard manufacturers have good quality and low price

except for badges made of stainless steel, other materials have to be electroplated. The commonly used electroplating is generally nickel plating, it is also the white steel color that we often say. This color is almost the same as the stainless steel color, so the customer mistakenly believes that it is a stainless steel badge. During the '12th Five-Year Plan' period, China will change the development mode of hardware industry. On the premise of saving resources, reducing consumption, protecting the environment and improving the quality and efficiency of economic growth, continue to maintain the orderly, healthy and rapid growth of the industry, and strive to transform China from a hardware manufacturing power to a hardware manufacturing power. In the early days, it was made of metal materials such as gold, silver, copper, iron and tin, hence its name.

injection casting method: used to process complex shapes with high errors. Due to the characteristics of the process itself, the product does not need post-treatment after Molding. However, the advantage of low cost can only be shown in the case of mass production. Die casting method: the processing cost is high, and the cost is reasonable only in the case of mass production. However, the cost of the final product is relatively low and the error is relatively high. Can be used to produce parts with thin wall thickness. Rotary casting is an ideal method for processing small parts and is usually used in jewelry manufacturing. Rubber models can be used to reduce the cost of processing.

Foshan metal electroplating standard factory has good quality and low price

metal particles are sintered and formed by high temperature heating. This process does not require machine processing, and the utilization rate of raw materials can reach 97%. Different metal powders can be used to fill different parts of the mold. Solid molding solid molding processing: refers to the raw materials used are some metal strips, sheets and other solid forms that can be molded at normal temperature.

with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for visual design of signs; In the design of metal signs, it is not only required to be beautiful but also to reflect the information conveyed to people by the products of the enterprise, so that people can think of the Enterprise when they see the logo of the trademark, what kind of products are suitable for what style, what material of signs, so that people are more easy to remember; For example: Home appliances, electronic digital products, most of the choice of gold or silver logo, material selection: stainless steel or nickel material!

Hot Melt Adhesive is a kind of plastic adhesive, which has no viscosity at normal temperature. It needs to be heated to above 120 ℃ by a hot press, and only when the glue dissolves can it have viscosity, it has odorless properties and belongs to environmentally friendly chemical products. It has the characteristics of high adhesion, strong adhesion, etc. It is often used on the surface of leather goods, digital products, household appliances, etc. , like double-sided tape, and is generally attached to the overall metal label, such as stainless steel signs, electroforming thick standards, etc!

Foshan metal electroplating standard factory is of good quality and low price. Powder metallurgy is suitable for producing products with the same shape and large quantity, especially products with high processing cost such as gears, the production cost can be greatly reduced by powder metallurgy. Disadvantages: the size of parts should be considered without batch. The cost of the mold is relatively higher than that of the casting mold. Powder Metallurgy (P/M) Technology is an important material preparation and forming technology, which is called the key to solve the problems of high technology and new materials . . . . High performance, high performance, net near forming has always been an important research topic for powder metallurgy workers. Powder metallurgy method can realize less cutting and no cutting of workpieces. It is a high-quality, precise, low-consumption and energy-saving technology for manufacturing parts.

influenced by its chemical structure, the chemical structure is stable compared with aluminum. Under the same conditions and environment, stainless steel is not easy to oxidize, rust and deform. Therefore, most of the users who need to keep the signs bright and beautiful for a long time under the conditions of long-term outdoor exposure to rainwater or wet, cold and high temperature environment choose to use stainless steel materials. In short, the stainless steel sign is characterized by durability and not easy to deform. Characteristics of aluminum signs: in terms of manufacturing process, the manufacturing of aluminum signs is much simpler and more convenient than that of stainless steel signs.

aluminum plate is cheaper than stainless steel plate, and because the manufacturing process of aluminum plate is relatively simple and fast, there is no complicated manufacturing process of stainless steel plate, therefore, the production cost is also low. Metal signs are signs that can be seen everywhere in our daily life and can be found in many products or places; For example: mobile phones, computers, electronic digital products, household appliances, gift box packaging, bags, leather goods, cards, indication signs, etc. Commodity decoration: for example, the sign decoration of electronic products, household appliances, luggage, gift boxes and other commodities highlights the cultural concept given by the Enterprise to the commodities and a quality hint given to customers, let people think of the company and the products produced by the company as soon as they see the trademark.

The manufacturing process of nickel sheet thin standard is to use the cathode deposition phenomenon in the electrochemical process to carry out molding processing, that is, the conductive original mold is used as the cathode, the Electroformed Metal is used as the anode, and the metal salt solution of the electroforming material is used as the electroforming liquid. Under the action of direct current, the metal plate at the anode will gradually dissolve into metal ions, which will be continuously added to the electroforming solution to keep the concentration of the electroforming solution balanced.

SiMnMo series Graphite Steel is characterized by high Si content. Under the action of strong graphitization element Si, some carbon exists in graphitization state, the steel has self-lubricating effect, high bite resistance, good machinability and wear resistance, small heat treatment deformation and stable size. SiMnMo steel is used to make bending, stretching and punching dies with strict surface quality requirements, which can significantly improve the quality of punching parts.

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