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by:ShunDing     2020-01-11
Nowadays, when people think about label printing, the first thing they think about is stickers.
Labels are not always self-adhesive, in fact, all of them were originally printed using a method known as flat print.
Nowadays, most label printing is done using the flexo printing method.
The early flexo printing used to be printed with flexible rubber printing plates, so the quality was not very good.
Today, the printed plates used in flexo label printing are made of photosensitive polymers, a more robust material.
The use of these printed versions can meet previously unheard-of quality standards, which are now often digitized directly from the computer to the tablet.
Many of the presses used in the label printing industry are actually combined presses.
These presses use a variety of different printing technologies today to produce stunning self-adhesive labels.
The requirements for self-adhesive label quality standards are getting higher and higher, and it is not uncommon for modern label printing machines to have 12 printing stations.
The most common configuration used is a combination of UV Flexo, concave, flat and hot foil printing stations that can be used at the same time to meet today\'s complex marketing needs.
If from the first self-adhesive label invention in 1935, the amazing growth of the self-adhesive label industry, this is simply amazing.
This is an industry that continues to grow at an impressive level through war, recession and slow recession.
Stanton R. Avery, the original inventor of the self-adhesive label, can hardly imagine that his invention would develop into such a huge industry.
He actually borrowed the initial amount of money he used the washing machine motor and some sewing machine parts to develop the first label printing machine.
The machine actually puts a layer of adhesive on the paper, and then laminated a layer of back plate with a silicone layer to ensure easy release of the label.
He called the process Kum Kleen and later renamed it Avery adhesive.
Today, the company creates pressure-Sensitive self
Adhesive paper in the label industry and consumer and office self-adhesive labels under the brand Avery Dennison, as well as labels for commercial products such as food and shampoo bottles, and apparently the cosmetics industry.
This person\'s vision has spawned a huge industry that plays an important role in today\'s packaging industry.
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