Lionel Messi makes the top 10 as Barcelona stars dominate but there\'s no Cristiano Ronaldo and a surprise at No 1 in our list of football\'s most glittering CVs

by:ShunDing     2019-12-22
Another season is over, followed by an inevitable number of trophies and medals.
No matter who has achieved a year, he may not have won anything when the last ball of the next season is played.
However, there are also players who have no difficulty collecting trophies after the trophy.
Given the number of medals they have accumulated, it seems that even some people may run out of storage.
The sports Post has studied the world\'s most active players in football and compiled a guide for the top 10. 10.
Guardiola praised RAM as the smartest player he has ever worked with and one of the most successful players.
Right back spent his entire career in Bayern Munich, except for two.
Renting a year with Stuttgart, if you want to win a trophy, playing for the Bavarian giants is never a bad idea.
At the club level, Ram has won eight shocking Bundesliga titles, including four in a row, and six out of the last 11 seasons in the German Cup.
He has a Champions League under his name. The 32-year-
Old has been the captain of Bayern since January 2011, which means he has raised 11 trophies.
To end this, he and Germany won the World Cup in computer technology and development.
Sergio BusquetsBusquets is probably one of the least appreciated gears
The machine to conquer Barcelona
He is the foundation of all their success, providing a continuous safety net for all the revolutions the team has experienced.
His first honor at the club was the Spanish league in 2008.
09, but only a few weeks later, the King\'s Cup and the Champions League followed.
Since then, he has helped Barcelona win five league titles, two European Championships, three King\'s Cups, four Spanish Super Cups, three UEFA Super Cups and three Club World Cups.
His record was good because he also played in the World Cup and European Cup with Spain at that time.
It may be good news for Barcelona to sign a new five players. year-deal. 8.
No one in Xavi is better than Xavi to reflect what Barcelona has done over the past 10 years. The 36-year-old is tiki-
The taka incarnation gave Guardiola what he needed in the middle of the park --
But nine years younger than him.
Saad midfielder won Barcelona as early as 1998 season
99, they played 17 times in La Liga.
However, the football puppet master will have to wait until Barcelona win the La Liga again in 2005 to get the next premium trophy.
Harvey has won four Champions League titles under his name, winning a total of eight league titles, both before and during Guardiola, he has been successfulera.
Of course, Mr. Tiki.
Taka is also very important for Spain because they have won three major international competitions in the spin race --
2008 European Cup, 2010 World Cup and 2012 euro. 7.
Manchester United midfielder may have chosen to leave Bayern Munich at the end of last season, but he has decided to stay in midfield.
He ranks 2000 higher than his former captain.
Although Ram won nothing in Stuttgart, Schweinsteiger won another Bundesliga title with Bayern Munich in 2004 --
05, and the extra victory of the German Cup.
Schweinsteiger actually won four league titles between 2002 and 2006, including alligalliga Sud won with Bayern Munich II in 2004.
Manchester United may not have been as successful as Bayern in recent years, but their victory in the FA Cup has provided Schweinsteiger with another medal, adding to his already considerable achievements.
When Germany won the World Cup in 2014, he was also indispensable. 6.
Gerard PiquePique had to leave Barcelona in order to succeed.
He won the Premier League title under his name.
Although Pique has never ignited the enthusiasm of the world at Manchester United, he did win the championship, the Champions League and the Community Shield in 2007. 08.
His experience in Barcelona has been more successful.
Six league titles, three Champions League titles and four King\'s Cup medals are a good choice for any player.
Adding to his success in Spain.
He played a total of seven games at 2010 World Cup in South Africa, playing 2012 euros every minute.
Spain kept it clean five times in a row when it won the game, which left a deep impression and Pique deserves praise. 5.
Brazilian mark well is known for being a friend of Ibrahimovic, but the shooter doesn\'t like to know that Mark well has surpassed him in his career.
It began in 2000 with Copa do Brasil, Brazil, which cooperated with Cruzeiro.
Followed by Ajax, who has won the championship all the year round, during which Maxwell won the Bundesliga twice and with Inter Milan, Barcelona and Paris Saint-
It is understandable that Germain won medals one by one.
If there is any difference, it is that Maxwell has never let Ibrahimovic show a flammable attitude.
Zlatan and Guardiola fell out and soon came to AC Milan.
Maxwell stayed in Barcelona, and for the next season he won the title that his Swedish friends have been unable to win --
Champions League. 4.
Lionel Messi Lori is considered one of the greatest players of all time, and it\'s not surprising to see Messi rank so high on this list.
Compared to some of Barcelona\'s contemporaries, he actually won the trophy relatively late, though only shortly after his debut --
He first came in 2004. 05.
Since then, he has won seven more league titles, four Champions League titles and four King\'s Cups.
Messi did have a stain on his brilliant career --
Lack of international champions, the Olympic gold medal is his highest level of dedication in that game.
He won five impressive Golden Globes, a personal honor that no one else has on this truly great character list. 3.
Dani Alves, who looks likely to leave Barcelona for Juventus this summer, will have an amazing trophy to give to the Old Lady of Turin on arrival.
It didn\'t start at Camp Nou, and Alves is one of the few players who are not educated in Malaysia.
While he was in Bahia, before Sevilla brought him from Brazil, he brought Campeonato Shimano and Campeonato do Nordeste.
With them, he won the Uefa Cup and the King\'s Cup twice, and then Barca bought him.
It\'s no surprise that there is an important trophy from those eight trophies --
A year with the club
A total of 23 people, including twice as many as last season.
Alves has also achieved international success, winning both the Copa America and the Confederations Cup with Brazil. 2.
In the past decade, Iniesta has been there at all the important moments of football.
He\'s not a metronome like Harvey, and he\'s not an outdated one. and-
Like Messi.
He is the best midfielder of his generation and he has a medal to prove it.
Iniesta has won eight league titles in the past 11 years.
He also won four King\'s Cups in his name and four impressive Champions League victories. The 32-year-
Old is just the mainstay of one of the best clubs ever, and four managers in a row rely on him to be a key member of the first team.
Iniesta had a big impact on the victory of 2010 Spanish World Cup, and his country beat the Netherlands in the final and scored a winning goal.
Either side of the key personal contribution was his national team\'s two victories at the European Championship. 1.
Giulio Cesar although Giulio Cesar may be a surprising name at the top of the list, it must be remembered that, the Brazilian goalkeeper played with Inter Milan during Italy\'s absolute advantage when they won the Champions League in 2009 under Mourinho\'s leadership. 10.
He also won three Italian Cups and five Serie A titles, as well as a Club World Cup and three Italian Super Cups.
His time with the Rangers in Queen\'s Park improved slightly.
Cesar scored an impressive medal from Brazilian football while scoring for flamenco, which helped his position. The 36-year-
So far, the veteran has still won the championship and won the Portuguese league twice in Benfica\'s two seasons.
In 2004, he also won the Copa America with Brazil.
Dear Ibrahimovic-Ibrahimovic
If it weren\'t for the refereeing scandal, he would be in the top 10.
Juventus officials have taken two medals, as have Ibrahimovic.
Tiago Alcantara
Tiago has a unique track record, and in the past eight seasons he has won league titles except for one.
Kingsley Coleman
Coleman did not have the life of these players, but he has won league titles in France, Italy and Germany. He is only 19-years-old.
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