Sampanis returns bronze medal

by:ShunDing     2019-12-26
Greek weightlifting player Leonidas Sampanis returned his bronze medal at the Athens Olympics on Sunday after a doping test failed.
International Olympic Committee (IOC)
Two Olympic silver medalists are banned from the Olympics and ordered him to return the bronze medal he won earlier this week.
\"He had handed over the medals to the Greek Olympic team not long ago, as he was ordered to do,\" a weightlifting official told Reuters . \".
It will return to the IOC later in the day.
Sampanis, who came third in the 62 kg category on Monday, tested positive for high testosterone levels, but still insists he hasn\'t done anything illegal.
\"I\'m going crazy, my life is ruined, my family is destroyed,\" Sampanis told . \" He won the silver medal in 1996 and 2000 Games.
\"I can\'t sleep, I can\'t eat for the last three days, but I can\'t eat anything.
Something wrong here.
\"His second sample test also showed elevated testosterone levels.
Sampanis\'s bronze medal was the first medal to be recovered at the Olympics and the first medal for the host Athens.
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