1. Structural Design

 YongFu have a professional R&D team , who specialize in structural design with their rich experiences. Some of them have over 10years experience in nameplate, metal sticker metal label and tag industry. They are focus on developing and building up new projects. First, they will make out all the solution for holistic practical produce, and then layout a sketch to make sure it enough to satisfy customer. 
When begin to develop a nameplate, metal sticker, metal label or tag, we will consider all the issue possibility that might be occurred in advance, such as size limitation, process technique, surface treatment, quality control and so on.  Therefore, our team have the skills to deliver the brilliant solutions for you.

Structural Design

2. Mold Design

As you know, the nameplate, metal sticker, metal label and tag is a private custom products, which is different for every customers.  According to the characteristics of the custom products, It usually needs to create a mold to meet the customer’ various special requirements.
To conform to the customer’s requirements, we will make the drawing artwork of the mold and then open the mold and check complying with the confirmed artwork carefully to meet the customers’ requirements absolutely. 
For the molds, we always made it in high-end quality that not only insure the quality but also make the sure in long-term repeatedly to save the money for our customers.

Mold Design

3. Sample Making

Sample making is very important before mass production. We have full range of advanced equipment and production line for making the customized nameplate, metal sticker, metal label and tag. 
Also, we will keep the samples as a standard to guide the mass production. Therefore, we specially set up a sample room to sort out and store the samples. 
Moreover, for the surface treatment, we can offer all kind of crafts such as brushing, sandblasting, printing, diamond-cutting, anodizing, electroplating, painting etc. Leaving us your concrete requirements, and we will help you to make it be reality.

Sample Making

4. Mass Production

Normally, we will make one sample for customer to check before mass production. After sample approved by customers, then we start the mass production in strict quality control.
If there are any readjustments requested by customer suddenly in mass production of the nameplate, metal sticker, metal label and tag, we will try our best to satisfy it if that could be modified.
We will monitor and control the quality in the whole process ensuring it to meet the rigorous quality requirements.

Mass Production
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