Metal label are labels that use metal as a material to mark the target content. The installation method can be divided into back adhesive and punching. According to usage, it can be divided into metal wine bottle labels and metal logo plate labels. Commonly used metal materials are aluminum, stainless steel, copper and zinc alloys.


Metal labels are made by printing, stamping, laser engraving, brushing, diamond cutting and other processes to achieve the desired effect. It is an important part of finished products, widely used in refrigerators, perfume bottles, wine bottles, electronic appliances, etc.


Elegant metal labels will have invisible features to improve your company's image, visibility and reputation.

Metal label are usually made of the materials of aluminum, brass, stainless steel etc through printing, stamping , laser engraving, brushing, diamond cutting etc crafts to achieve the effect what we desired.

It is an essential part of the finished products, which widely used in refrigerator, perfume bottle, wine bottle, electronic appliances etc.

An elegant metal label will have invisible function for improving your company image, popularity and reputation.

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