5 ridiculous alternate versions of prehistoric animals - brass metal name plates

by:ShunDing     2019-11-30
5 ridiculous alternate versions of prehistoric animals  -  brass metal name plates
Ancient biology is not always a precise science.
We know, we know. -
It's usually not what you want to say in the whole field of science, but when all you have to do is a bunch of bones that stretch out the ground, it can be easy to get things wrong.
Sometimes they make mistakes, which makes us think of the past more like a puppet designer's fanatic dream than an actual animal. For example . . . 5Flesh-
Although its metal name is very terrible, there is nothing particularly terrible about the milky tooth elephant. . .
Unless you live in your 1700 s, people will think that the mastodon has an insatiable desire for human meat.
You see, unlike vegetarian elephants and mammo elephants, their teeth are flat, so they can mix soft plant matter together, and the teeth of the rustodon are larger than the hands of men, many scientists took a closer look at these gnashing teeth and thought they were ideal for grinding meat and crushing bones, with no other option than that.
In the absence of other evidence, early paleontology panicked directly and let their imagination get out of control.
This has led to more and more exaggerated claims, such as the rustodon elephant with claws and Tiger agility, ruling the American continent with unparalleled ferocity.
Anonymous author: Surprisingly, just by looking at a bone, he knows that these things hate humans!
It sounds like the writing prospect of Cracked is bright.
Colonial Americans believe that the flesh is ulterior motives. Eat suckling tooth elephant
Unlike the wild continents of Africa and Asia, North America does not have such impressive dangerous animals as lions or rhinos.
It soon became part of other natural worlds.
Therefore, the discovery of the ivory elephant has become a source of early American nationalist pride ---
An evil and fierce monster, even the rules of basic biology, cannot control its blood.
Thomas Jefferson even assigned Lewis and Clark a secondary mission objective: to find evidence of the looting of living mastodon elephants in indigenous villages in the unknown west of the wild.
At the same time, a rustodon skeleton exhibited at the Philadelphia Museum was modified to look harder, and ivory turned down like a military knife.
At the same time, other researchers have come up with more creative theories: of course, today's scientists have a better theory of why the suckling tooth elephant looks like it is grinded ---
They were used to polish.
Grind the branches and the tough vegetables clean.
As for the elusive claws, they didn't find any evidence either, but hopefully it won't stop them from making SyFy original movies with it.
Since the Sword Dragon was first discovered in 1877, it has been difficult for scientists to figure out how these trademark boards are arranged on its body (
Or, how does the Sword Dragon fill in the trademark application).
At first, it was thought that they lay flat on the back of the animal, covering its fragile sides like a suit of armor:
The formation of the roof is actually the cause of the Sword Dragon, which is a fairly reasonable assumption considering all the factors.
We now have a small version of this animal.
It was not until a few years later that scientists began to erect the plates and eventually shuffle them to the version we know today.
But if these plates are not armor, it raises a whole new question: What exactly did these plates do?
Are they for protection?
Temperature control?
Can they fold those fools up like wings and take off like a plane?
Haha, that's the ridic.
A "doctor" only cited less than zero scientific studies to support his claim. W. H.
Ballou wrote one in the Ogden Standard.
The examiner described how the Sword Dragon plate was folded at will, creating an "immeasurable sliding surface, like-day.
"That's right: a 5-
Tons of behemoth jumped off the cliff and gracefully crossed the Jurassic Sky, a series of tiny backs --
Plates and giant dinosaur balls.
To further push this madness, Ballou claims that the sworddragon is the direct ancestor of modern birds ()
Its plate is actually the source of the wings. As brain-
Although the idea is very stupid, it does find some purchases in popular culture.
The flying sky of Baru-
The circus seems to have inspired a scene by Edgar Rice Burles, where a taxied swordsman intimidated an explorer who jumped off the hillside with a pair of six
Guns and free-
The battle of Times failure. Holy s**t!
Dinosaurs with extra brains (in Their Butts)
Dinosaurs are certainly awesome, but they carry such a silly reputation that they need another brain to work.
It all started when we found the spinal hole near the buttocks of the Dragon and the sauropods. -
Even larger than the interior of the skull.
So scientists think these holes are a good example.
This "sacral brain" is said to give them the intellectual boost they need to control the back of their body, a bit like suggesting placing a second steering wheel in the cargo compartment of 18-1
Wheeler will make it better.
To shake what evolution has given you, it is not common in nature to grow a completely independent brain.
By looking at birds, it is possible to find a more reasonable reason for these dinosaur enlarged butt holes: birds have the same spinal swelling, storing nutrients --
Now scientists think these big deposits
There may be the same garbage in the box of loot dinosaurs.
Or maybe they use it to store weeds in case they are pulled over, who knows ---
This may not be the second brain.
The trouble is that dinosaur books have been teaching ass
The brain hypothesis has existed for so long as a fact that it stays firmly in the public's imagination.
This myth also appears from time to time. . .
Just like in a scientist, the giant keju needs two brains to move around, "like a dinosaur.
"Not everyone thinks that scientific authority is the pillar ---
The film got a pass because it was usually awesome and didn't have the slightest understanding of realism from the start.
But what about the Discovery Channel specials?
In the series, guest paleologist Matt Weddle discusses evidence against the two
In the interview, the brain assumed, but since the double
The clever dinosaur contributed to the more glamorous TV show until he endorsed the idea.
Only after he published the discovery did he attempt to clarify his words. . .
Long after the myth spread to thousands of viewers.
A bunch of ass. brains.
The defining feature of punk rock DimetrodonThe dimetrodon is its sail: But that's not always the case.
Back in the early days of paleontology, when scientists were digging through these bones, wearing funny hats and performing juggling shows, millions of years later, all that was left on the dimetrodon sail was rows of bones.
That's why the first time
The creation of the dinosaur looked more like a walking Mohawk: as early as 1911, Otto jecker, a German paleologist, proposed that the sharp thorn in the back of the edudon was-
Kind of like a giant reptile hedgehog.
That's great, of course. We know why he said that.
Then he was a little excited when he made up terrible crap about the Thunder-
Lizard, then go ahead and assume dimetrodon can, point in all directions like a little hellish toy wheel.
Dimetrodon also has a vegetarian cousin, edaphosaurus, who gets the same sail
There are fewer treatments on the walls of the Berlin aquarium.
Edaphosaurus has small branches sticking out of the bones, and our old friends think it may help the animal blend with a wooded environment.
If this is not possible, the sail has an alternative explanation: each sailing boat of edaphosaurus holds a single sail, like the mast on board, which can turn to the wind, let the animals sail on the surface of prehistoric lakes.
Yes, the sails of edaphosaurus are considered to be used for actual sailing.
It's just a giant evil lizard, using his belly as a boat, cruising with his dorsal fin.
Remember: cocaine and heroin were completely legal in the past.
All of our modern versions may be ridiculous. Do you remember when scientists discovered them?
Oh, you can't actually forget that because we 've knocked that information into your brain so many times that it replaces your own phone number?
I'm sorry.
But it turns out the rabbit hole is deeper.
Dinosaurs look almost exactly the same as their bones, with a little meat on them, isn't that strange?
You know that's not how living animals work.
We already showed it to you.
The phenomenon that dinosaurs are very similar to their bones is called dinosaurs. If we draw today's animals, we will eventually get the bab directly from concept art: Or how about a beautiful swan, turned into a terrible predator, spear fish and its sickle
Like a weapon: in reality, the truth about what a dinosaur really looks like is something you can accept as much speculation as your imagination allows.
If a dinosaur has feathers, or a turkey peak, or, there is no way to know.
In light of this, some authors speculate on what might happen if we managed to clone dinosaurs: no one said the above representation was accurate ---
Pure speculation.
But solid evidence of such a thing has emerged: a duck was recently discovered
In Canada, edmontosaurus with a mouth is preserved and there is one on top of the head.
That's exactly the kind of weird crap you 've been finding on modern animals: So basically we're saying that all those horrible, thin, smooth killing machines may never exist, at least not what you think of them.
In reality, they could be a bunch of waddle-having, flappy-
Skin, feathers, bright purple fool. We're sorry.
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