after the abortion: by ceding the counseling role to pro-lifers, pro-choicers may be doing their cause more harm than good. - brass name plates online

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after the abortion: by ceding the counseling role to pro-lifers, pro-choicers may be doing their cause more harm than good.  -  brass name plates online
Jesus Christ stood before us with the stone image of a child in his arms.
Brenda Haworth grabbed the woven baby hat and white hat she bought for her son, and she lost her son before she knew her son.
Tears rolled down her cheeks, and her high heels sank into the wet land of the owauden cemetery, and the rain in the morning brought her mud.
"Dear Jordan. " 42-year-
The old man read it slowly from a handwritten letter and took a deep breath to keep calm.
"I want you to know that I have always wanted to hold you in my arms.
Only when we meet in heaven will this desire come true.
Please forgive me and help me forgive myself if I can.
Knowing that I ended your life, I could hardly bear it.
If I can make a decision today, I will make a different decision.
This is the worst mistake and sin of my life.
If I do not allow myself to be deceived, our life or death will be different in the hands of our Lord. I love you.
When she read about her signature, her cry almost overwhelmed her: "your mother.
"For Brenda Haworth, the memorial service is the beginning of the end of the grief process.
For 22 years, when shechose suspended her pregnancy, she had been living with guilds who had sacrificed her son's life for personal reasons.
"I hate myself," Haworth said . "
"It hurts me emotionally and I can't handle it.
"So after she knew one
She was ill at an abortion counseling program near her home.
She asked for help.
Haworth is one of thousands of women each year who use these programs to deal with the lingering emotional impact of abortion.
After dozens of dedicated
Over the past decade, abortion counselling has risen rapidly across the country, which is not surprising given this.
4 million women terminate their pregnancy every year.
It is surprising, however, that these consultants are not affiliated with abortion clinics or family planning agencies.
In fact, they're not even close. choice.
The names of these groups include women exploited by abortion and American victims of abortion, who believe that abortion is immoral, but they take the time to advise women who choose abortion.
At the same time, people may provide this type of consultation ---
People Committed to abortion rights and women's health issues-
Such services are rarely provided. Pro-
The selection panel considers such programs to be more harmful than good, and claims that this is unnecessary because studies have shown that abortion has little psychological harm to women.
But behind this paradox, there is a deeper political motivation:
Choice advocates are concerned that by consulting women who have had abortions, they will acknowledge that abortion can actually lead to depression and emotional trauma ---
So arm their relatives. life camp.
But by refusing to go beyond political rhetoric, Pro
In a way, the choice advocates gave up the women they claimed to be champions.
Sad politics at the center of the back --
Abortion counseling is a heated political debate about the psychological impact of abortion.
Now, one can find research to support any aspect of any reason, so it's not surprising that there's a truck on the right that studies prove that abortion can have a negative psychological effect, while there is a lot of research on the left that proves these effects are negligible. Pro-
The choice insisted that the most common response to abortion was to relieve stress, as the process ended a stressful, unexpected pregnancy. Pro-
On the other hand, life advocates cite the evidence they call the "post"
Stress after abortion
Abortion Syndrome, which is said to have symptoms including abortion flashback, relationship issues, guilt, severe depression, low self
Respect, abuse of drugs, and even suicidal tendencies.
They pointed out 1985 doctoral papers by Anne spakhard, a psychologist at the University of Minnesota, who compared
Stress after abortion
Trauma Stress disorders that plague many Vietnamese veterans.
Many women, Speckhard wrote, suffer flashbacks and hallucinations while others report strong nightmares associated with this experience, such as the discarded fetus in the garbage dump or the attempt to locate the mother
The debate about the psychological impact of abortion surfaced in the 1980 s as a non-political issue.
As fertility groups realize that they are struggling with abortion on legal grounds, they are starting to try to prevent women from participating in the abortion process by describing abortion as a threat to women's physical and mental health.
On 1987, President Reagan, at the urging of these groups, asked:
General surgeon.
EverettKoop will publish a report on the medical and psychological impact of abortion.
Koop reviewed more than 200 studies on this topic.
But after completing the report in January, he refused to publish it, saying that there were too many flaws in the research in this area and that he could not reach any uniform conclusions.
"At this time, there is scientific evidence available. . .
Can't support those pro-preconceived beliefs at all.
Life or those relatives
Koop wrote in a letter to Reagan.
As Koop refused to publish his findings, the American Psychological Association set up a group to produce its own report.
The team looked at the same study by Koop and concluded in April 1990 that while "some women have experienced severe distress or psychosis after abortion and need compassionate care. . .
From a public health perspective, the development of major psychological issues related to abortion is insignificant. " Pro-
The life group described the findings as political bias as supported by members of the apa Groupchoice.
They also said that the research done by the parents
The choice is flawed because they are based on interviews with women within a few weeks of abortion, while most symptoms after abortion
Abortion pressure did not occur until a few months or years later, as women suppressed pain in the first place.
In order to solve this defect in the research, Koop called for long term
National studies on the dollar issue.
But Reagan soon forgot about it. Pro-
Life researchers believe that the demands of ekoop are victims of politics.
These people advocate the suppression of information that shows the negative impact of abortion.
"Because it can be said that they already have a political advantage, it is better for them not to see the study complete," said David Leiden, director of support for the study.
InSpringfield, College of Life Elliott, is ill. Pro-
The researchers chose to refute that such research is only a waste of resources.
"Frankly, I think most researchers don't think this is an issue that is important enough because there is little evidence to prove it," said Nancy Adler, the chief author of the APA report. "Given that 1.
If there is such a thing, there are five million women who have abortions every year.
Abortion Syndrome, you will expect the doors of mental health professionals to be broken.
But just because a woman does not have a real "syndrome" does not mean that abortion does not cause her grief.
Even some pro research
The researchers pointed out that women often have a hard time dealing with abortion.
For example, a study by the APA team found that 17% of women felt guilty after surgery.
A more neutral 1989 survey by the Los Angeles Times found that 56% of women "feel guilty about abortion" and 26% said they "regret abortion very much ".
"Perhaps most importantly, family planning admitted in its abortion profile that as many as 10% of women have experienced" lingering depression "," pregnancy, the possibility of a person's life, "said Nada Stotland, a pro.
The Chicago psychiatrist was chosen to testify in court as an expert on the issue.
"This is a loss when this possibility is eliminated.
I think the feeling of sadness is universal, but it is not comprehensive.
"Nevertheless, relying solely on the number of family planning, we can safely estimate that as many as 14 million women will experience" lingering "depression with 140,000 abortions per year.
This may be a small number of people who have abortions, but this is not a "trivial" figure.
Of course, this is enough to guarantee the later demand.
Abortion Counseling
See the consultation war of political opportunities, Pro
Life Advocates opened their arms to these women after launching dozens of games.
Abortion advises projects across the country, including state-run projectsto-
Committee of life and Catholic parish.
At 1994, thefar-
The right attention to the family even sponsored a National Post
At the abortion recovery summit, many of these groups met and discussed their various consultation methods.
The philosophy behind the parents
Life counseling is a death experience that both men and women need help.
The lawyer said the person concerned suffered pain, depression and unresolved grief-
Because they suffered silently, everything was magnified.
Therefore, the healing process requires the individual to acknowledge that death has occurred, and it is necessary to grieve and forgive their "sins.
The theory is that in order to cure the disease, a woman must personalise the "baby" and accept its death before she can move on.
That's why most rehabilitation programs end up with women naming their children and holding a memorial service.
Brenda Haworth said she had a memorial service for Jordan. -
A 10-
Step recovery process run by selected victim--
It was the key to releasing her grief, "it was very emotional and very difficult at the time, but looking back it was very necessary," Haworth said.
"Without it, there is no feeling of closing.
Haworth believes that the victims of the "chocolate shopping" program have made her a better person to help her regain control of her feelings and life.
Haworth said: "The most terrible thing is to sit down and talk about it, face it honestly and realize that you killed your child as a mother.
"I must feel all the pain before I go beyond.
It's not that the pain is gone, it's not that I don't think about it, but I don't hate myself as much as I do.
"AAA Women's Service in Chattanooga, Tennessee. , a pro-
The Life organization, through a 50-50-in the unborn National Memorial-
Black granite wall surrounded by a small garden and a "pool of tears.
"So far, more than 400 women from all over the country have placed brass nameplates on the walls to honor their aborted children. Many pro-
Advocates of choice blame pro
Life counseling groups say they simply recommend women to feel guilty and use them as evidence of the harmful effects of abortion.
"I think these women are sometimes exploited because these groups often try to use women's suffering for political purposes," said Ann Baker . " He served as the consultant director for 20 years at Hope Clinic in Granite City.
"They would suggest that they go on TV and they are politically active, go out on the sidewalk and start screaming at other women about how they had an abortion and were destroyed by it.
I think this is really an exploitation.
This is not a good consultation for me. " Pro-
The life group denies the allegations.
"We're just saying, 'Okay, you 've been there, what's this done, this is what's happening to you, what are you going to do now? '?
Says Elizabeth Vijo, director of choice.
In addition, she added that simply because many women who completed the consultation chose to openly oppose abortion did not mean that the consultation was politically motivated.
Putting aside the political elements of these programs, many psychologists are concerned that these psychological counseling methods are harmful to women because they contribute to guilt.
"I think providing a place for women who have feelings --
Abortion is very important, "said Adler, professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco.
"But if it is managed by a political group, I will be sure that it will fuel guilt.
If the same group trying to prove this
The existence of abortion trauma syndrome says, "Well, you must have experienced trauma," which may increase the likelihood that women will experience trauma.
"But if they're so worried, pro-
Why not a professional player?
Choice advocacy brings another choice to women?
At present, after
Abortion counselling is still in the hands of those who oppose abortion.
The only list of this consultation found in the phone book and Internet search is by pro-lifers.
Family planning in New York City does not have information on this, but it is recommended to call the women's health hotline, which forwarded the call to the Jewish Council and the child service.
A consultant there said they didn't provide it.
But advice from the Karen Horn women's clinic.
No surgery in this clinic.
Abortion services or information are provided and it is recommended to call family planning.
"I 've been trying to find places where we can recommend suitable and helpful people, but not much outside," said Vicki Breitbart, director of clinical education for family planning in New York.
"We haven't found anything so far.
"The situation is similar across the country.
"Most clinicians say, 'We have volunteers to do our consultation, and we make decisions --
Do consultation, we do fertility
Control consulting, but that's what we can do, and that's what we can do . "
Bueno is a psychologist who has served as the director of family planning counseling in San Diego for 10 years.
Some clinics in Dorequire
See a doctor after abortion, but mainly physical examinationups. Many pro-
The potential value of the players will be privately recognized.
Abortion counseling, however, believes that the political risk is too high to make it a public priority.
"It would be nice if we could talk more about it, but unfortunately,-
"The selection group made such a choice," said stortland . ".
"Those of us who support the choice have learned to be very excited because there are groups that are very obviously, openly ready to jump on any data and abuse it, use it to persuade the law to reduce access or legitimacy.
So it's hard for any professional. choice-
For professionals, when the data may be out of context in the next second, they will come up with a steam supervisor for the organization's services.
"So after such a long struggle for the abortion debate that defines legal rights and clinical procedures, Pro
The contestants basically handed over the moral and human aspects of this issue to their relatives. life camp.
In fact, even admitting that abortion is emotionally difficult is considered-feminist.
The female identity of author Naomi Wolf, who argued in the October 1995 issue of The New Republic that abortion was a betrayal of her gender --
Rights supporters have committed the crime of "self"
"The death of the fetus is a real death ".
"The political reasons behind the lack of counselling options have helped women in need.
Two years after her miscarriageyear-
Old Andrea still feels sad and guilty.
She said: "I have been trying to find a support group for women who have experienced abortion, but the only support group I have found so far is one of those crisis pregnancy centers, with a fairly critical and religious foundation, this is not what I really want.
These people offer a free pregnancy test, but let you see the promo about abortion, which I don't think is right. " Pro-
Choice advocate Torre-
Bueno agrees and wants women's groups to take back the issue from their pro hands. lifers.
After meeting many women in need
The mood of abortion, torture
Buena left the family planning center to personally advise these women.
Bueno does not believe that steps such as Memorial ceremonies are necessary in order for women to recover.
Shesays, all it takes is a consultant to guide the person and allow her to grieve.
She explained that many women felt that they had no right to grieve since they decided to have an abortion.
"The woman came to me and said, 'I choose to do this, so I have no right to do so.
My question is, who said that?
You can choose and you can be sad.
These are feelings. " Torre-
Bueno recently wrote a book on how to deal with post-event mood swings.
The effect of abortion and has been after teaching
Family Counseling Workshop-
Planning clinics across the country.
"My real mission in life is to help people in family plans recognize that some women have difficulties with abortion and we can help them," Torre said . "Bueno.
"Let them realize that doing so will never go against becoming an abortion provider and supporting abortion. choice.
An outstanding female spokesperson
Bueno' sbeliefs is after Naomi Wolf suggested to provide
Abortion Counseling can not only help individuals, but can actually promotechoice cause.
"I think it will be, among other things, a coup in peaceful relations, because. . .
"This feeling as a conveyor belt or assembly line will go away," Wolf said . ".
"In the whole trauma, there will be a greater embrace of compassion for the whole woman.
I think that's why people are against pro.
Choose sports because they are not sure that every woman has a compassionate heart in her situation.
I think women will show a strong sense of gratitude to an organization that serves them after abortion.
"Now, the wolf and Torre
Buena has a minority opinion on the issue, but there are indications that the situation may change.
Last year, Torre.
Buenowas asked to hold a post about
Abortion consultation at the National Abortion Federation meeting.
She said: "I hope we can find a solution to this problem and
Abortion care is just another part of taking care of our clients.
Think about it, it's not interesting if a woman gets a virus after an abortion and we'll let her take so many antibiotics.
I think thinking must change so that we can look at psychological problems from the same perspective.
"Because abortion is such a sensitive political issue
The choice advocates a real discussion of its psychological effects without the opponent's cull.
But after giving up
Abortion consultation
Life activists
The selector may position himself as interested only in the politics of the abortion issue, not in the needs of the people it affects.
As it stands, women who need support after abortion may tend to either curb their problems, create more trouble possibilities, or turn to one of the many who support them
Living groups that provide such assistance.
Obviously, it is not possible to predict whether post-as Wolf suggests-
Abortion counseling options actually promote Prochoice cause.
But it will certainly help the women the movement claims to represent, many of whom are now suffering silently.
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